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Another anniversary is coming...

Go to this link and scroll down to Oh, no, another anniversary is coming


...anniversaries can potentially be very emotionally difficult to handle, for many reasons. Inevitably they will trigger off renewed waves of grief, of different sizes. Some feelings can seem as heart wrenching as those felt immediately after the loss. Remembering, recalling and reliving what happened can be not only emotional, but unsettling, disorienting and exhausting. And finding ways to mark the day that seem right for you can be a battle. How can you fit in with others? Or with other responsibilities or commitments on that anniversary day? With time I learned to plan for the day, keep it simple, choose what would be meaningful and help myself and my family the most, and to be kind to myself in the weeks and days beforehand.

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Anne, thank you. I discovered the problem...and re-posted the link but you have to scroll just a bit to the title. She has the site set so you can't go directly to a particular blog post. ??? Thanks for letting me know.

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