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I know that there was more I could have said…but instead,
The only power left in me was scant, save to permit me to take care of you,
Yet, not enough to have also quieted your troubled soul.
Had I possessed the greater power, I would have told you - more - that you gave me life,
That you made me understand - too late now - what it meant to love,
That to me, you were the very essence of every breath I’d drawn since that first time,
That first wondrous moment, long ago now, when you gave yourself to me,
Engendering thereby a most pure rapture that we knew could mean only one thing:
That your life and mine would forever be entwined, like roots,
As when one tree growing close to another cannot be uprooted without killing them both.
I used to, once upon a time, tell you of these, my feelings, often,
Before, that is, the leprous hand of fate drew your name.
Thence, terrible heartache eroded all my greater powers and, truth be told, my very soul.
In the last weeks and months I could not well speak, for my voice was muted by grief.
Yet, somehow, in those final hours together, my voice did finally return to me.
Was it enough, those last, final times, me tearfully telling you how greatly I loved you?


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Peter, your post leaves me speechless and that is appropriate for these are your words to the love of your life. I reach out to you in your loss.


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Peter.. Your words are so meaningful.. How lovely to express so much feelings. My feelings are in my heart for my partner. I am just beginning to write things down. I honestly don't know were to begin to describe the love I have lost.. One day it will just come natural to put it all in words but for now my heart is sad and I have so much emptyness.

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Beautifully written, Peter...but somehow I think she knows and hears it now...the wind carries your thoughts to her and she is ever listening.

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