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I Think My Pet Suffered When She Was Put To Sleep.


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The vet gave her a dose of barbiturates and she seemed to be in pain. I'm a total mess thinking about it since then. Can't get it out of my mind. She was the sweetest pet in the world and never hurt anyone and did not deserve to suffer.

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I'm so sorry. I had a dog that, when given the shot, was very frantic and distressed. I think hers was out of anxiety rather than pain, but I'll never know exactly. I've never had another that went out that way. Mine, too, was the sweetest dog in the world. I'd expected her to just go to sleep but that's not what happened. Perhaps they sense how we're feeling, I know she was very sensitive.

That's a great article, Marty. I was especially comforted by this quote:

"I had a bad, late-stage-of-life and put-to-sleep experience with my first dog. For a year, I went through the "coulda shoulda's" until I felt his voice telling me to stop replaying that part of his life over and over because it was keeping him stuck there in that hospital cage and he wanted to move on and be free and happy. "

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