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Anna Breytenbach, Animal Communicator - Audio & Video


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This is such a fantabulous talk by this wonderful woman — not to be missed! Anna is one of the singularly best speakers I’ve ever heard on the subject of interspecies communication (or "communion," as I term it myself) in all my years of listening to many other Communicators and other people in various animal-related fields, and in doing this work myself. And so I was totally thrilled to hear her expound so very eloquently and knowledgeably on many of the same aspects about animals (and the quantum realities) that I’ve come to know about, too...and then some! There is a LOT of great and necessary information packed into just this hour-long talk. Included is a short, easy (even for novices) exercise on connecting with any animal you choose, at around the 40 minute mark. (and imo, they could be on this plane OR back in the spirit realm...but it's more gratifying to witness the often pleasing results of communicating for yourself in the physical world, especially if you've never tried this before)

Much of what Anna imparts can of course be applied to both expanding your relationship with current animal companions, and in dealing with the various aspects of grief over losing them. For instance, her personal story about the beached whales could aid in understanding how things may appear to us on one level, yet really be about something much deeper on a soul choice level. And that knowledge could of course help alleviate the guilt we can sometimes mistakenly take on.

If you love the animal kingdom, too (both "domesticated" and wild), I can’t think of an interview I've heard that's as exemplary as this one is overall, and which I hope any “animal person” would gift themselves with. ?

Direct link to audio recording:


If you can’t access the above link directly, it’s taken from this page - click “online interview with Anna (recording)" to open it:


Anna’s work is also being featured on the first-ever full-length documentary film on the art of animal communication. (yaaayyyyyyy!!!! finally!!!! ?) You can see the heart-opening, 13 min. snippet here (or on Youtube if you prefer), featuring "Spirit," the black panther, and his immediate transformation :wub: :


You can also order the full DVD directly from South Africa, through Kalahari.com. See Anna's website (above) for more information, or you can try this site instead (see comment section):


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