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The best part is that there are quite a few other such shorts to enjoy, all produced by the same group of people, all with themes about our common humanity, the things that we all go through regardless of whatever minor differences we have.  For example, I don't have kids but the couple who lost their child, or the man who lost his wife, when they need a moment on camera to compose themselves, or tear up in mid-sentence... oh yes, I get that.  We all do.

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This article contains a link to Kelley Lynn's outstanding March 31 TEDx Talk at Adelphi University ~ truly worth watching ~ about, among other things, the ridiculous, unsolicited advice she received f

Oh, my goodness, I can't believe that this beautiful lady is no longer here.  A reminder on my FB page that Darcie Sims is no longer here on this earth.  I love this video.  I have learned so much fro

Something to calm us as we sift through all the turmoil and sadness in our world today ~ I grieve for all the violence that is going on, nasty name calling, shouting obscenities, and downright uglines

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