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For those who are new (or not) I want to point out the helpful tools available to you here on our site.

Check out the:

(Tools for Healing forum) topic as it has videos, articles and more to assist you with meditation (which is so helpful in grief). People post things here almost daily.

() a place to educate yourself about loss and grief.

(Tools for Healing forum) has articles, short quotes and a huge amount of helpful information on grieving and loss.

Spousal Loss forum) is where we share the good news...and we all need good news.

www.Griefhealingblog.com is Marty's blog and it is filled with helpful articles. There is a search space on the right and usually each article you find also has links attached to it.

There are many other helpful ideas, thoughts, feelings shared by members as well as Marty and me. Browse around the site, visit forums that may not represent your own personal loss.

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