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My Mom, My Best Friend

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We always had long conversations, whether we were together or far away, or in between. If something big happened in my life, she was one of the first to know about it. When I was sad, she was there for me. When she was sad.....I hope I was there for her.

After my dad died (4 years before she did) - she and I took the opportunity to spend quality time together going on trips that meant alot to both of us.

Mom was one of the strongest, most 'feeling' people I've ever known. She always wanted to do something for others....and especially wanted to do what she could to make the lives of her children and grandchildren better.

The last few months of her life were so difficult. Both of my parents went through more in their last months than i want anyone to go through. It was painful, both times, to see those two loving people suffer so much.

I miss her....and really both of them....every day. I feel so lucky that I had two such wonderful people raise me .... but sometimes, I fear I didn't do enough.

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You are very blessed to have had such a loving relationship with your mother. What beautiful memories you have to hold on to. I am so sorry that both your Dad and Mom had to suffer during those last months. We always feel in our hearts that we do not do enough but that is just a feeling. We do the best we can and that is enough. Bless you and perhaps you could write those memories down and later look back and read them.


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I think most of us second guess ourselves after our parent or spouse dies and wonder/wish we'd have done more or something differently. The truth is, we did the best we could with the knowledge we had at the time. I'm sure you were the joy of her life...as a mother, I know how much my kids mean to me. You mom would want you to be happy and not plagued by such thoughts. Sort of along the lines Anne suggested, perhaps you could do something to memorialize your parents...a scrapbook or collage or something. I think they would appreciate being honored in that way.

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