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Remembering Our Loved Ones During The Holidays


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I just wanted to pass this on to anyone who might be interested in buying personalized memorial ornaments to hang at Christmas, or anytime, or to give as a gift for someone else who is in mourning. I have just ordered 3 of these for myself this year ( and hope they arrive before Christmas ) as I thought they looked very well done and believe they will give me some comfort each year when I hang them on the tree, or anywhere else I may choose. I plan on incorporating them into the candle-lighting ceremony Marty has posted about on this board ( assuming they arrive in time ). The place to order them is from this site: www.PersonalizationMall.com

You may not get them in time now, but I decided to order them now anyway, in case they stop carrying these in the future. There is one dedicated memorial ornament ( that also comes with a suction cup to hang it on a window ) but I actually took 3 different types and had them each engraved "In Memory Of".....so that they're all differently personalized. I've also thought that it would be a lovely thing to give to someone from their departed loved one ( if the recipient could handle that ), either at Christmas or on a birthday or anniversary day. I wished that my husband had thought to do this for me, but since he didn't, I've done it for myself instead! :P


If you take a look at them, I think you might like to add this as a link on your site...if it isn't there already ( for all I know ).

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