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I apologize for being away for so long. Things have gotten so crazy here. Mary spent nearly two weeks at Yale again because the medication for her MS diagnosis was doing nothing to help and in fact she was declining. She became weaker and could not eat solids. Only thickened liquids. So her neurological team at Yale did another battery of tests and unfortunately the diagnosis of MS was a misdiagnosis and she was diagnosed with ALS Lou Gehrig's disease a month ago. They give her three years. But they very openly and honestly don't expect that long. I've taken her out of the nursing facility and have her home. With much help from a nurse part time. She is "happy" and "well" today. But that is today. Tomorrows are uncertain. But I do not look at the tomorrows. I only look at today. I refuse to have her not home. I'm exhausted. But I'm "content" because I am devoted to her. I am still in physical therapy for my knee. It's grueling. But I'm doing well. Mary is blossoming being at home despite the weakness. Her diet consists of only thickened liquids. This diagnosis explains

her quick decline this past year. From little things to big changes. She also has Parkinson's but the medication for that has helped.

So things are difficult. But things are good because that is the only outlook and attitude I choose to have and to convey to her. If she has three years, then I will do everything in my power to make those years the very best for her and for our family. She loves the company of our grandsons. She loves the companionship of her little dog who never leaves her side. And she smiles more than not. That means I am doing SOMETHING right. And that is all that matters.

I tried posting this earlier and it all vanished as I was about to post it. So frustrating when time is something very valuable. I got Mary to bed and typed this elsewhere and will copy and paste it so it won't vanish again.

Mary cannot type. But I hope for those of you who have touched her life and heart that it is a comfort that she DOES indeed remember and acknowledge this forum and all who have been there for her.

I will try to do better on updating.



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Your post brings tears to my eyes at your devotion, you are two very, very special people. You have our constant prayers. I am glad you have some part time help. You are so right to take a day at a time and not look at what tomorrow brings...today is enough. I will pray for both of you to sleep well. Thank you for updating us, you've been on my heart.

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Thanks Kay and Marty.

Kay, I made vows to this beautiful lady, so being devoted is such a simple feat. Just as you to your husband. And really absolutely anyone on this forum whether man or wife, siblings, parent, child... Where there is love, devotion is simple.


Marty, thank you for the beautiful image. I will show it to Mary in the morning. :-)

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That is so true! God be with you and your dear lady.

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