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I don't know how I will do it - I will have to say goodbye to my beloved Bailey around 7 this evening. She was a my first baby and saw all three of my children come home - the latest in August over her 16 yrs 7 months with us - 15 of those I struggled with infertility. She has liver disease (most likely a diffused cancer) and stopped eating last week - but I have been hand feeding and giving her water since then - willing her to fight once more - but she is laying in her bed - and doesn't have the fight anymore - so I must help her -and I don't think I can be that strong for her - the what ifs - the guilt, the mommy protector can't fix this - Her last year has been hard - 2 bloat episodes, Vestibular attack, tooth infection - in my head - yes, I know its right for her (not for me) and yet my heart is broken....

How do I say goodbye to my beloved friend that I have spent the last months - making homemade food for her, giving her supplements and medications to help - and now its time....

I don't, I can't -

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My dear friend, there is nothing I can say that will make this any easier for you ~ but I will say this. I assume you've consulted with your veterinarian and feel confident (as confident as anyone can feel under these circumstances) that it is time to release your beloved Bailey from the bounds of this earthly life. So I gently suggest that, instead of thinking that you must say goodbye to your precious friend, say "I love you" instead. Tell her that you will never, ever forget the love you've shared and the wonderful memories you've made together, and let her know that you will hold her in your heart forever. Tell her that mortal beings all must die one day, but our love never dies. And if you believe in an afterlife, know that she will be waiting for you across the Rainbow Bridge, until you meet again.

When all of this is done, please know that you can return to us, and we'll be waiting here with open arms and loving hearts to comfort you.

I am so very sorry, and we all truly do understand the pain you're facing.

Wishing you peace and healing . . .

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I am so sorry. It is so hard making that decision. 14 1/2 months ago my son was in that position with my beloved granddoggy, Skye. He wanted to know how you know when it is time. I know everyone decides differently but I told him my criteria has always been, when the animal has no more quality of life and their suffering is too great, then I have to put their needs ahead of my own desires and do what is best for them. Skye passed September 1, 2013. I still miss him, he's buried in my backyard and I have a tombstone on his grave.

I agree with what Marty said, and I know I look forward to the day I can be rejoined with my beloved pets...where they'll never have to wear a collar or leash and they'll get to run and play with other dogs to their heart's content.

I know how gut wrenching this is. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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