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Misty was an awesome sister, (she is my mothers dog so I have always said she was my sister) anyways I remember my dad bringing her home as a puppy. My mother always wanted a Boston terrier of her own as I did but she got hers first then a couple of days later my dad brought another puppy home which would be my baby boy whom I named Snoopy. I was still in High school at the time. They played and grew up together. As I got older and soon moved out living on my own and of course snoopy moved out with me. They missed each other but of course they would see each other on the holidays. I have also adopted another Boston terrier.RJ He was a rescue and was in poor condition and close to death. I saved him and nourished him back to health. he has some health issues.. He is allergic to corn and most dog food have corn in it so I have to be super careful on what to feed him. Long story short Misty got to meet him and she actually liked him and accepted him but she would rather hang out with snoopy but Rj wasn't going to give up he would always try and play with her as well. Misty didn't to much care for playing she was more of a sun dog. She was always right by my mothers side went everywhere she did oh and how she made sure that Mom gave her morning treat to her. she was my moms baby and she was spoiled. Me and my mom are close so we talk on the phone a lot since I live 3 hours away. I was going to be coming up for Thanksgiving and was trying to see what day I would be coming up and then she told me and Misty was going to be going in for surgery on the 25th. So that's when I said I was going to be up on the 23rd so I can see her and help be there as well. the 23rd didn't work out for some reason everything was going wrong and I didn't end up going up until the next day which would be the 24th. When we arrived I of course got my boys out and made sure they were doing okay and of course they are excited to see grandma and grandpa. My mom said that Misty had a infection in her uterus and she would be getting fixed, No big deal right?.. I spend the entire night with both my mom and Misty girl and of course Snoopy laid with her. I could tell she was in pain but I knew she would be okay once she had her surgery. The next Morning my folks take Misty to her appointment and she goes in for surgery. My Mom said she did not like going into the cage that the doctor put her in and that she dug at it and it was hard for my mom to leave but she had to. She would be able to pick Misty up at 5:00 a clock that night. My mom was a worried about her baby girl all day and it was hard for her to keep her mind off of misty and she would pray for Misty that everything would go well in surgery.. That night was the worse nightmare of our lives. it was almost time to pick Misty up. Only 15 minutes till it was time and then the phone rings.... Then we get the bad news.. Misty passed away.... The Vet said she did really good during surgery and that she was doing good and that she was waking up and then went to lay down so the vet went outside to do something for a second and when he came back in he found her on her side.. He said that he did everything that he could to try to bring her back but she just wouldn't come back.. He thinks that she could have possibly formed a blood clot and stroked out. He said she went peacefully and didn't show any signs of struggle. my mom broke down she couldn't stop crying and all I could do was hold her and tell her she was with God. that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do I stayed strong for my mom until she calmed down enough but that night when I was along I cried and almost couldn't stop. I was glad that Snoopy and Rj and I got to see her one last time before she passed. I just don't understand what could of went wrong since he said she did really well in surgery. She was 9 yrs old. and Snoopy is the same age as her. I am sad and I feel so bad for my mom because shes having a hard time coping and adjusting. I keep thinking in the back of my mind "I don't think I can handle if Snoopy was to pass.." I am afraid to experience that loss because snoopy is with me all the time and so is rj... Rj is a youngster hes only 3.. Misty was more than a pet she was a family member. My boys miss her and I do stay strong for them cause I know they can sense my emotions. I just don't understand why this had to happen to her... I am so sad and I am afraid to go through an experience of a sudden unexpected death.. My mom buried her under her favorite cherry tree in the back yard. RIP misty we miss you. Hope you are having fun in heaven.


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I can so relate to what you are experiencing...I lost my granddoggy Skye Sept. 1, 2013 and still miss him terribly. he'd lived with me off and on throughout his life as my son would take an out of state job or something, plus I dogsat him a lot. He was like my own and he loved his grandma so much.

But what you're going through is harder because I knew Skye needed put down, he had very bad health issues, and in my opinion, my son waited two weeks too long. I knew and anticipated his death. The finality is still hard and you never stop missing them, but at least I had some warning. With you, finding out in such a shocking way when you thought she was just going in for routine surgery, never expecting to not see her again, that is very hard to process. I'm glad she went peaceably. What is the life span of a Boston Terrier? Our Skye was about nine years old, purebred Siberian Husky, he died too young and suffered too much.

I am so sorry you are going through this. We have so many animal lovers on this site, there's great empathy for losing a dog. I, too, worry about losing my dog, Arlie, he's seven and 130 lbs so he's not likely to exceed ten and the time is passing so fast...I've never loved a dog so much and I've loved all of mine! I've concluded that I just need to take each day with him as a gift...I'm not guaranteed any certain amount of years, but each day with him is a blessing. When the time comes...I'll have to deal with it. Until then, I try not to think about it too unduly. Something like losing another animal can trigger those concerns though!

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