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His Name Is Ben

Ben's Mom

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This won’t be eloquently written. I’m void of eloquence right now, along with any emotion other than despair. Last night I lost my son. Not my pet. Not my dog. My son. His name is Ben.

I want to briefly describe him, but know my words will fall short of expressing what an angel he was.

Ben was a terrier mix. He was the rock of my family, and has always been there for all of us. When my husband suffered a stroke, his name was the first word he was able to say, and I’ll never forget Ben barely eating until his dad came home from the hospital. Whenever either of his two sisters or brother, Cooper, whom we lost earlier this summer (all fur babies) felt sick, or yelped while briefly hurting themselves, he was the first one to make sure they were okay. And how he worried about me all the time, keeping me in his sight if I wasn’t feeling well.

He was the best friend anyone could hope for, and I’m unable to express how fortunate I was to have had him by my side for 14 years. I’m not a religious person, but I do know in my heart that if there is a heaven, he is certainly there, and that his brother Cooper is showing him the ropes.

I plan on talking to him every day. My heart will hurt as it does now for the rest of my life, and I guess it’s time to work on becoming the best person I can be so that if heaven exists, I’ll be welcomed as well and will be back with my little love, my best friend, my Ben.


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Hello Ben's Mom,

I could not read this without tears filling my eyes. What a beautiful terrier mix he is and those eyes just speak of love. What a sweet little guardian he was to all of you.

I am so sorry that he is no longer with you. So many of us know the heartache of not having our beloved pets with us here on this earth.

For so many of us, our pets are our family and the heartache we feel when they have passed leaves us with a deep pain.


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Ben's Mom,

What a privilege it is to have these sweet furry ones in our lives! I, too, think of my dog as more than a dog, I call him my "Little Boy" (he's 130 lbs). They are surely God's finest creation! I'm sure you'll be rejoined with Ben one day, he'll be playing while he waits and I'm sure he'll keep his eye out for you. My heart goes out to you, I know how hard it is, words can't describe it. He is so adorable, I can see how you could get so attached!

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My dear, your little Ben is positively adorable, and I can only imagine the hurt you feel at the death of your little boy. You have found your way to a very caring, compassionate place, filled with kindred spirits who understand and embrace the bond we have with our precious animal companions. (See, for example, my own blog post, Saying Goodbye to Beringer.)

We've all gone through what you are experiencing now and, although each person's grief journey is unique, there are certain aspects that are common to us all, and therefore to be expected, which can help us to feel less "crazy" and alone.

I hope you will take some time to do some reading about what is normal in this process, because I think it will help you to better understand ~ and manage ~ your own reactions. I invite you to spend some time exploring the threads and posts you'll find right here in this forum, and to follow some of the links you'll find embedded here and there.

At the very least, please know that we welcome you here with open arms and caring hearts, although we are so sorry for the reason that brought you to us.

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I love Ben, just hearing about him and looking at his darling picture. My heart was filled with sorrow and sadness for your loss of your little son. Our pets are our greatest treasures, they are irreplaceable and always in our hearts. I have lost five pets and the first thing I want to happen when I die is for all of them to greet me and jump on me with with kisses and licks!!!! I have a cat and dog now and I thank God for them everyday. I almost lost my llittle Zookie, a pomeranian, awhile back but she was a little miracle dog and is still with us, a blessing and miracle indeed, since I lost KoKo only a few years ago!!

I don't tune in to this forum regularly or read regularly, so for some reason your blog caught my eye and my heart is with you and your litttle son!!! They are angels on this earth for us. I am sure of that. Their hearts are pure and full of unconditional love, it amazes me and they teach me so very much about love and kindness everyday. Ben will live on in your heart always and forever and his little angel spirit is with you.

I know his brother is just estactic to see him and they are romping and playing in the soft green grass under the warm toastie sunlight, whereever they are!!!I know all my pets are up there too, happy, content and playing with one another, waiting to be reunited with us. I can't wait!!!!!

Bless you dear one and your loving heart and that you took such good care of Ben and loved him so dearly!!!!! deber114

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