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I just wanted to thank everyone on this post for encouraging me during this time of terrible grief after losing my husband. I graduated over the weekend from the University of Chicago.

While I am still so incredibly sad to not have the love of my life here with me, I am grateful for the support I received here to complete my degree.

My beloved husband has only been gone since late April. I could feel his love and his spirit as I walked across the stage and graduated for both of us!

Thank you for the encouragement I received here.

God Bless!!



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A beautiful picture of a day you've worked hard for! I'm sure your husband is proud of you...as we all are!

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It's going to be an adjustment, being out of school. It'll feel better once you have a job. I went through quite an adjustment when I retired. Sometimes, even if the change is welcome, change in itself can be a stresser.

I had another gallbladder attack last night and can feel it again this morning. Will be glad when this is all over with. Five days until surgery. I've heard it can be quite rough afterwards...I don't think I'm going to enjoy this Christmas, missing all the festivities, being in pain and helpless, and missing my dog...

It'll all pass.

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Kay, my dear, the one thing I always told myself before having surgery is that at least the pain I'd feel would lessen each day AFTER the surgery, as my body would be in a healing mode.

Right now, the pain you're feeling only gets worse each day, since you know that nothing is being done yet to fix the cause. I think knowing that, plus the anxiety of facing surgery, all contribute to your discomfort. As bad as post-surgical pain can be, you will have pain medication prescribed to help, and the comfort of knowing that each day that goes by will be better than the last. You'll be able to focus on getting stronger and feeling better, and the surgery itself will be behind you rather than in front of you.

I hope these next five days go by as quickly as possible for you ~ and please know that we are thinking of you!

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