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Pushed Out And Won't Communicate

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If you're looking for some kind of explanation so you can have closure, move on without it, it won't likely happen. He is not in a good place to start a relationship. He cannot explain to you what he doesn't likely understand himself. He's grieving. With grievers, it's all about them, naturally, as it has to be. You might understand more if you read thread after thread here, it'd give you a general idea. Losing his son turned his whole world upsidedown. Some new grievers make the mistake of trying to fill the void with something else or divert their attention so they don't have to think/feel, but it doesn't work...grief doesn't just recede or go away like that, it's still there waiting to be dealt with.

You will need to move on without his response. Try to understand what he's going through. It's not generally a good idea to get involved with a relative of your XH, it can cause division in the family and stir up all kinds of emotions. If you were married 20 years ago, you are not a child, try to understand how your actions are affecting others and do the best thing for him...let him be. It's obvious he doesn't want involved, something he may not have realized earlier.

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