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Loss Of A Younger Brother

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I am new to this site and so glad I came across it.

February 25th, I received a call that my 30 year old brother was rushed to the hospital, unresponsive. 2 days later I was on a plane to Orlando, FL only to find out my brother was now on life support. My mother flew in later that night, over the next few days tests, MRIs, etc...were done. February 27th around 10pm we had him removed from life support and he passed around 2:30 the next morning.

The following week was busy traveling to MA for services, writing thank you cards, etc...Now I am back in PA, all is quiet and here I sit. I cry once in a while when I get in bed and snuggle with his shirt. Why does it feel like my emotions are literally stuck inside of me? Why can't I get a good cry out? I keep thinking of things that I have to tell him...and then get reminded he is no longer here.

People say the pain lessens as time goes by, but that doesn't help right now. Just wanted to write this out...in hopes that it would makes me feel a little better.

Prayers to all of you dealing with a loss.

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I am so sorry you lost your brother. I know it doesn't help you get through today, but knowing that it won't always stay this level of intensity and we do eventually get better at coping with our loss, may not help you through the right here and now except it does give you hope. That's one reason a site like this is so invaluable, there are people from all stages of grief, and the ones who've been at it longer can give hope to the ones whose grief is still fresh and raw.

The tears will come, try not to worry about how you grieve, it will naturally take it's course. It might help you to journal, or write him a letter. I have one in my computer to my husband, when I feel the need to share with him, I either talk to him or write to him. It does help to express yourself. For me, it felt like it restored some of the power that had been stripped from me the day my husband died with no say so on my part. :(

The pain lessens as time goes by but the missing them continues. Grief is ongoing but it evolves, it does not stay the same.

One day at a time.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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