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I Lost Both My Fur Babies In A House Fire


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I got the call on my way home from work that my house was on fire.. I was driving 100mph and more, running red lights, going around cars on curves ect, trying my hardest to get home and rescue them but it was too late. By the time I got home I had 3 counties of fire personnel in my front yard and the left side of my home was completely gone. They said it was a total loss.. I jumped out of my car and ran towards the house but was stopped by two sheriffs and the fire marshal.. To this day they still haven't told me how the fire began. They said that both my dogs Molly age 14 and her sister Chloe age 1 were found together under the kitchen table. I was in a lack of better words, completely broken!!

Every time I tried to sleep I would wake screaming because all my mind could do was put myself in there with them going through the hell they had to have experienced.. How can someone get past something like that?? I swore that I would never have another animal because my heart just couldn't take that kind of trauma again, but I have had the love of a pet all my life and my heart was aching so much. I started looking for another fur baby and found Piper. She is a toy American Eskimo and the love of my life now.. She was a rescue from a hoarder back yard breeder. I had no idea how sick that baby was until I took her to my vet. That precious thing had Pneumonia in both lungs, every kind of worm accept heartworms (thank you Jesus), she had been infested with so many fleas that she was anemic and her white blood cell count was through the roof, so much so that they thought she may have even had leukemia. After a long 4 month process she is now twice her weight and strong and healthy. I still have nightmares from time to time and I visit Molly and Chloe's final resting place every morning and every evening, but life is finally starting to look up for us. Please keep us in your prayers, and may God Bless all the animal lovers in this cruel world. I have attached pictures of my Beautiful Molly and Chloe and my sweet Piper.


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I am so sorry for your loss, that is one of my greatest fears, and I'm just so sorry it was your experience. I'm sure the smoke overtook them before the fire did and they went to sleep not realizing what was happening. Piper is lucky to be in your care now...my dog is from a rescue and was also very sick and malnourished when I got him...not any more, he's now 132 lbs and trying to lose weight! The pictures of your dogs show how adorable each is.

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What beautiful furbabies. I could spend time scratching their ears. I am so sorry that Molly and Chloe are no longer with you, but I am glad that you have Piper to snuggle up to.

You are very fortunate that you did not get in an accident driving to your home. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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I'm so very sorry for the loss of your two precious pups! How awful it must have been as you raced home. I agree with KayC, though; I'm sure they were overcome by the smoke.

It's wonderful that you found Piper who was clearly in need of a loving home! My precious Kennedy (who I lost on March 3) was rescued from a puppy mill. She was also used as a breeder, and it is a horrific life for any dog. I had her for five years, not nearly long enough, but she was a princess here--loved and adored! I know Piper is, too. :wub:

I am heartbroken by the loss of my baby girl but, like you, I've had dogs all of my life and I hate feeling so alone. Your story about finding Piper has given me a ray of hope that I may be able to find, love and help another furbaby.

Take care,


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