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Happy Birthday Mom


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Today would be my Mom's 67th birthday.I'd call her and sing happy birthday, and I'd be sure to finish with "and many more". The last time she smiled we were singing to her.

I haven't thought about her and her passing as much as I used to, because my son died in January, and that loss has overtaken my brain. But I do think about how much I could have used her counsel and help during this awful grief.

Mother's day arrives soon, and again I'll be missing my Mom. This will be my 5th Mother's day without her and I'm still wanting to order flowers for her dining room table, as I always did.

What a lovely soul she had.

Happy Birthday Mom.

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Your mom was young, I'm sorry you're missing her. This will be my first Mother's Day without my mom. Mother's Days are hard now.

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I am not looking forward to this mother's day at all.

This is my 1st without my son Matthew.

My 5th without my mom.

My 3rd without my mother-in-law.

My 2nd without my grandmother.

I'm down to zero grandparents now, and no inlaws, and one parent - my dad. Who now gets showered with gifts every holiday.

I have 3 adult step children, 3 adult children of my own, and a grandson. I should want to enjoy Mother's day. I hope that I can, or at least can fake it for their sake. I want them all to be parents someday, someday soon.

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You will all be in my thoughts and prayers this Mother's Day. Here in the UK we had ours in March and it was the first without my dear mum. It was a hard day and I just wish you all a peaceful day to remember your mums. Just imagine her smiling down on you and being so proud of you.

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I don't hear from my kids much so Mother's Day comes and goes. In the past I always made a big deal of it for my mom, it's sad to not even have her now.

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