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It's been a while since I have been on here but feel like I need it again. My mother passed away on 3/19/15 and that was hard to accept but she had 881/2 years so it was understandable. On 5/14 I got a call at 1:55 am to tell me my brother had suddenly passed away. That's two deaths of significant people in 8 weeks. I hadn't even gotten all the papers for the things we were collecting from for my mom yet and now will have to go back to find out what to do. I'm hoping they will let us just put it to go to his estate to make it easier.

As bad as my losses were a friend of mine lost her brother in law and the day of his funeral her son committed suicide. I can't even imagine what that would do to you. She seems to be doing fairly well but I know it is going to hit her like a ton of bricks before long.

Please say some extra prayers for all of those who have lost someone.


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It's lovely to see you here again, Mary Linda, but I'm so sorry for the reasons that brought you back to us. Please know that we are still here for you, and of course we'll hold you gently in our thoughts and prayers . . .

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Mary Linda,

I am so sorry for the losses you've been going through. My mom passed in August and I'm not sure I'm even used to that yet, March is very recent, and then to lose your brother too, I'm just so sorry. I hope the settling of the estates goes well and doesn't prove to be too complicated. Will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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