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Please This Is Hard


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%7Boption%7Dhttp://[/img I just lost my dog yesterday morning very suddenly, hit and run, I am just so sad I cant deal with life right now, i now pets are not human ,but does that make the loss any less? I am so sad I can really die. I know people say get over it hes only a dog but he wasnt only a dog he was litterally my best friend,

and i know I was his. Please this is so hard I cant even write anymore



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It is very understandable that you would feel as you do with the sudden and tragic loss of your beloved dog. Anyone who tries to minimize your hurt and pain with "just a" talk has no sense of the bond between we humans and our companion animals. Your relationship with your dog is precious and important both now and always. I believe you will keep him forever in a very special place in your heart, and the day will come when the memories will bring smiles through your tears. You deserve the respect and support of those who truly empathize with your loss. Your grief is genuine and valid, and avoiding those who will be of no help to you at this difficult time is something you may wish to do. You will find caring and understanding people in this discussion group and also hopefully among your friends and family. I am so sorry for your loss and wish there were an easier way for you to get through these hard days. It helps to know you are not alone. Our animals offer a unique and unconditional love, a special relationship, and are the truest of friends. Your dog has certainly done that for your and more.

Take the time you need and the steps that work best for you to begin the healing process. I wish you well.


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I lost my dog Ginger almost 18 years ago when she was hit by a car. I held her while she was put down. I only got to have her short while but she was the light of my life. I cried for days and most people were not aware of the difficulty she was supporting me thruogh. Even my mother told me to cut it out or I couldn't have anothr pet. When I lose a pet it is a member of my family that I have lost, one that provides uncionditional love unlike most people I know. She was there in the middle of the night when there was no one else. She was there when I needed someone to hug and cry. She was my constant companion when I was going through abuse that my family did not want to deal with. I have never forgiven myself for not being able to keep her safe. I miss her like it was yesterday. I couldn't do a lot of things after she died because we had done them together and it just made me cry. It happened at the start of the holidays and they have never been the same. Ginger was the best and I was cheated out of a long time with her. I want her back so badly you think it could make it so by the sheer intensity of the feeling. I talk to her frequently. She sent me Tahsa my next dog. Tasha knew I was grieving and started coming to ee me. Eventually she becmae mine and we had many years together. I have never stopped missing her either. But I know she is still with me watching over me and I pray to her, because I can vizualize her and I know she love dme deeply. We had a very special connection. I know she is an agnerl, near me always. It is not hte same. But I know she will not abandon me to my grief. She will bring me another sweet creature to ease my way. I trust her love enough to believe that.

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