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Houston got hit with like 9 inches of rain in three hours. Been up most of the night worried about water getting into garage. Lots of flooding in areas around me. My street was impassable. It just kept raining and raining. Scary being alone during this.

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Dear Maryann,

We have been hearing about this awful flooding, but I didn't know you live in the midst of it. I am so sorry you are threatened by flooding, and even sorrier that you are alone. It must be awfully scary for you. I wish very much that I could help you.

I have a nephew and his family at San Antonio.

We here in California are hurting badly for water. My family in SC say their farms are soggy. What strange weather patterns these days! I will pray for your safety, and for peace and comfort for your heart.



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My best friend moved back to TX and is also getting the flooding, I have been watching it on the news and can only imagine how scary it must be, esp. for the places hardest hit. Please keep us posted as to how you're doing, I pray it doesn't get any worse!

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