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Sickness And Lack Of Energy

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I am also feeling physically sick and emotionally drained after the loss of my dog Rosie. She was 15 years old when she passed. We rescued her when she was 11 wks old. She died six weeks ago. I still cry daily over her loss, but I think some of it is that

fact that my husband and I are in the process of selling our house to move in with my mother. My mother had a stroke one

year ago and has dementia. I am her caregiver. I think the fact that I lost my mother in a sense, the way I knew her for over

60 years. We have been staying with her for a year so we decided to make it permanent and sell our house. Then we lost

our beloved Rosie. I think there are three losses, the loss of my mother as I knew her, the loss of our dog, and now the

loss of the house we lived in for 20 years. I can't seem to get hold of myself. I take good care of my mother, and my husband

helps when he isn't at work. He works nights and Rosie used to keep me company because it's hard to have a normal

conversation with my mother now. I just feel like I'm at my witts end, but I know things will look up eventually. I thought about

getting another dog, but I'm not sure that the timing is right. So much is going on with my mother, selling our house, moving things, and trying to rent a storage unit. Maybe someday I will get another dog, but I'm not sure my husband wants to do that. Thank you

for listening to me, I just needed to vent a little.

Thank you,


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Dear Priscilla,

I remember you, and your little Rosie. I'm sorry you are still hurting so deeply. I'm not at all surprised though. You are new into your grief over your losses of Rosie, your home, and your mother as she used to be. I took care of my mother for twenty years. After some time after she became total care, I did need to hire a live-in LVN. Your job is emotionally and physically exhausting. There are others here who are more capable of recommending particular resources that might be helpful for you. You do really have your hands and heart full. I'm sorry.

You will know when to adopt a new "little love." Perhaps it's better to wait at least a little while longer in order to give yourself time to adjust to so many major changes. A puppy requires a lot of consistent training, so he or she will be happy and well-adjusted. As much as I love Doxies, there is no way I could have time for the training. We who are taking special care of loved ones have little time for extras. I'm speaking from my own circumstances.

One reason I'm not surprised that you are still hurting is that when I wrote today's date on something tonight, I wrote the year as 2028. I wondered, "Where did THAT come from?" After a few seconds, I remembered. June 28 is our little Ashely's birthday (black and tan Doxie); she would have been fifteen soon. I had been thinking about her today as I ironed Jerry's shirts, so she was still in my subconscious mind. I had been thinking that Ashely's cousin, Callie, will be fifteen on the 29th. She, too, has kidney disease. Ashely died last October 10. When love is deep and long, so is the grief.

I am writing this late, so if I have stacked up letters, I'm sorry.

Take good care of yourself, and know that we care about you, and what you are going through.



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Hi Priscilla,

Such a wonderful spot to come and share your feelings about the losses going on.

And I send my heart full of sympathy on losing your Rosie..........you had her love and loved her for those wonderful years.

I know - I just lost my Gb kitty after almost 15 years.

Keep this group in mind as we send our care thru the cyber waves.

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Priscilla, (what a pretty name!)

You are going through a lot. Just dealing with your mom's dementia is enough in and of itself, but adding to that the loss of your dog, your precious companion, AND the loss of your home, that's a lot!

I hope you find some solace here, knowing you are heard and that your feelings matter. We have all been through so much, some more than others, but we travel this journey together and we have each other's backs.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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