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Self Care Support Question Regarding Work

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Hello. I am new here, I found the group last week. My Mother has been fighting Lung Cancer since last January (2014).

Things are starting to look like they might be on the downturn. I am here living close by her and my Father and sister (who live with her). I have been experiencing anticipatory grief as I am a highly sensitive person and the rest of my family doesn't process emotions well, so there is little discussion or emotional outlet among the family as of yet.

I am the youngest of 4 and I feel too young at 40 years old to be losing my Mother.

I am writing in to see how different people have managed the issue of work during grief times, especially while family members are in hospice? I work a very flexible job from my home but it is contract work so any time I take off will not be paid.

My Mom was just admitted to the hospital yesterday for severe pain and I think there is a good chance she will be in hospice soon, probably, hopefully at home. I know I need to take time for myself and I have never really had this type of loss of a significant person in my life and I am wondering if she goes into hospice, should I take a leave from work or should I try to keep working as long as possible?

I am aware no one can make this decision for me but I was curious how others who have experienced significant loss to a lengthy illness have handled this question for themselves.

If anyone has any words of experience I would love to hear.

Thank you

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Someone will surely come on here shortly to answer your question. When I had to be a caregiver for three years, I quit my job to do it, but that made it harder to get back into the work force when I was ready.

Anyone with ideas?

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