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Hi Everyone,

I have read many of your posts expressing your experiences in dealing with the illnesses and losses of your beloved pets.

I want to say that I have cried over them and felt for each and every one of you in your excruciating pain.

In reading them, it just brings the point home to me that we all want the same in our lives which is love, happiness, peace

and contentment with our loved ones, be it human or animal.

We as animal lovers find much satisfaction in enjoying and taking care of our furbabies, and what could be better than

that. I loved and still love my cat Spooky so deeply, and as I write this, feel the loss of sharing love I have to give to him.

I miss the act of giving love to him in whatever form it takes, whether it is the process of feeding him, or cleaning his

litter box, or talking to him as he meows out to me, or petting him as he snuggles next to me on the couch, and just the

scent of him. I actually smelled the scent of him for a couple of days after he was gone. That scent is gone now, which

makes me feel like he is even further away from me. My heart is torn into a million pieces.

The more deeply we loved our babies, the more we are grieving. One of you said more or less that we should take

pride in the amount we are grieving because that represents how well and deeply we loved or sweeties. So I say

let's do that. That is the only thing any of us should be guilty of is loving our pets with every fiber of our being, and

that is a good thing!

~ Mia ~

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It takes such a long time to work through our grief, you'll continue to miss him and when the memories and triggers strike, it'll all hit you again. Little by little we begin to adjust to our new "life without" as I've come to think of it.

It's true, the deeper we love, the deeper we grieve, I believe that with all my heart.

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