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Loss Of Best Friend Shrek My Pug


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I lost my 11 year old pug Shrek on Saturday morning 8/1/15. Shrek is diabetic and blind due to cataracts. In February he developed pneumonia and has been battling a chronic cough. He seemed fine on Thursday. I took him for a car ride which he loves and he ate fine etc. Friday I came home from work and noticed he seemed to be breathing harder due to his coughing. I gave him one of his pills prior to bed but he woke up at 12:30 panting again. I took him out to the couch and we fell asleep while i was petting his head. I woke up out of nowhere at 5 am and I think he had just passed away. He was warm and limp. I am completely devastated. I cant stop crying. Every little think reminds me of him. I dont want to be awake, eat, sleep, I just dont know what to do with myself. I feel empty inside. Shrek has been with me through my worst times of my life and the best. He was truly my best friend. I have never lost a close family member so this is my first real loss and I feel so lost. I believe I will see him again in Heaven. I recently bought a book called Cold Noses at the pearly Gates by Gary Kurz. I just began reading it in hopes for some form of comfort. I hate leaving the house knowing when I come home he wont be here. One thing that does give me comfort is my other pug Fiona. She has been with us for about five years. She is a rescue and about 11. She doesn't seem to be depressed but im still worried for her.

I am thankful to found this site. I hope to find some comfort and welcome any advice.

Kind regards



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Rachal, I am so sorry you lost Shrek. It's very hard having an unexpected death, not that we can ever truly prepare ourselves anyway. It is hard, I've lost many pets over the years but the dog I have now is the one I think I've developed the closest relationship with. A part of you never stops missing them but gradually we do get more accustomed to the changes it makes in our lives. Perhaps you can give some thought to some kind of memorial for Shrek, I think it helps. People choose different ways to remember & honor them, you might get some ideas from some of the threads here of what others have done. I totally believe we'll be together again. That is a special book, I'm glad you got it.

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Rachal, my heart truly goes out to you! I cried when I read your post about your beloved Shrek. I looked at his pic, he was adorable!

Pugs are one of my favorite breeds of dogs.

Your description of the emptiness you feel was and is exactly how I feel, so I feel your pain! I felt like I could find no relief anywhere.

I lost my beloved cat Spooky exactly two weeks ago today, so my pain and anguish is still fresh. You can read my post "Grieving

Horribly Over Loss of My Beloved Cat" to read my story. Even to this day, two weeks later, when I come home, I also feel the emptiness

of no one to greet me as my Spooky did when I came home.

As reported by others in this group, the pain will ease over time, but it does take time. My cat was also my best friend and soulmate

who shared my life for 21 years, so his departure left a huge hole in my heart. But I do take heart that time will soften the pain, and

I have high hopes that we will see our precious babies in heaven.

All I can say about your other pug Fiona, give her extra attention during this sorrowful time just in case she might be feeling sad.

I was warmly welcomed into this group by people who genuinely care and understand, and you will be also. As was suggested to me,

post here as often as you need to. I feel like posting here has helped me alot in coping with my loss.


~ Mia ~

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Dear Rachal,

I'm so sorry you've lost your little Pug Shrek.  What a cute name for a pug!  I just love it.   I also love the name Fiona (and the story).  The name Fiona touches my Scots-Irish roots.  

I am grieving for our little Doxies Ashely and Callie, so I understand your hurting heart.  

There are a lot of us hurting here together, so I believe you will find comfort here.  I pray so.  I will be on the forum for a little while longer before I'll need to be off for a while.  I will be having cataract surgery on August 19 and September 9.  Know and remember that I care.



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So sorry about your shrek.. Pugs are the most special ones aren't they... 

I also came here to find some support after losing my 8 years old pug girl to terrible immune mediated disease recently..  It's been about 45 days now but the pain is still raw..  She was our baby (childless couple) and missing her so much.. 

I know i can not offer you any advice on how to cope with grief, i also have no idea...

but whenever,or whatever you want to talk about your shrek, just come back and share with me and people here.. Hopefully, you as well as i, can smile from the happy memories in between all those crying fits. Please give fiona double the love cuz she needs you more than ever... 




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I'm sorry for the loss of your pug as well.  I understand your closeness as my pets are all I have too, my husband passed ten years ago and I don't see much of my kids, they don't live here.  I'm esp. close to Arlie, my dog, and my 20 year old cat, Kitty.  I also have another cat, Miss Mocha.  Funny how they make themselves everything to you!

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