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I recently found out about a TV program that would appeal to all animal lovers. I don't know if it has been

on for awhile, but I just found out about it. It's on Discovery Family Channel on Thursdays (9 pm on the

east coast). It's called From Wags to Riches.

I had it recorded and watched it for the first time last night. It's about a family who own a farm somewhere

in New York and they have about 26 dogs, a cat, a couple of pigs, a horse, a mule and maybe more


The man in the family trains dogs for Broadway and TV shows, and when the dogs are retired, they come

to live with him and his family (his wife and daughter). He trained the dog that performed with Annie, from

Annie, the Broadway play.

Other dog issues come up as well. One was extremely sad, with a somewhat happy ending. Someone

pointed out to a police officer that there was a dog crate on the sidewalk with an animal inside. The

animal was so matted they couldn't tell what it was, or even if it was alive. The officer took it to the ASPCA

in Manhattan, where they found out it was a dog, barely alive. They maticulously cut off the fur, but

sadly, around one of his eyes the fur was so matted that they couldn't save the poor dog's eye. They

found out it was a shih tzu. Fast forward, the dog recovered, minus one eye, and ended up with

gorgeous white fur. So all you see is one beautiful eye, and where the other was, is only fur. The

officer who brought him in wanted to adopt him, but she was screened, and upon finding out that she

had cats, it was decided not to let her adopt him for the sake of the dog. He was adopted out though,

to someone else to enjoy life once again. Of course no one ever found out who had badly neglected

this poor dog. I feel such anger when I hear about any animal abuse, I see red.

This program is very entertaining, even just seeing the dogs running around. One is a bulldog named

Nellie. If she is playing with a toy up on a chair or couch, if the toy falls on the floor, she barks at it,

commanding it to come back to her. It is hilarious! The program ended this week with the couple

going to sleep with a number of dogs on the bed with them, with Nellie already snoring away (sweet

dreams Nellie).

I really recommend this program for you all, loving all animals as I do.

~ Mia ~

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I haven't seen this offered on my Dish Network, but if I do, I'll watch it. Thank you for sharing the tsi zhu's story, It breaks my heart to hear of stuff like this, I have a hard time handling it, animal abuse and neglect is beyond something I can comprehend.

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I just made a correction to the spelling of the breed of dog.  I never know how to spell it, so now, based on reading LadyCarrie's post, I realized I

spelled it wrong.  My apologies to those of you who own a shih tzu.  It is also one of my favorite breeds of dog.  A neighbor of mine has a

shih tzu poodle mix, and she (Coco) is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen.  I told her that if I did get a dog, it would be one like that.


I should have mentioned that I saw the program on Time Warner Cable Channel 266 (Discovery Family Channel).  So whoever of you have

Time Warner, that's where you can catch it on Thursday nights.


KayC, I do hope you find the program.  Most of the one hour program was filled with happy things, but at times the other side of the coin has

to be reported as well, as much as we hate it.  I cried when I saw that poor shih tzu.  I was glad it had a (somewhat) happy ending.  I thoroughly

enjoyed the rest of the program though.


~ Mia ~

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