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Uncontrollable crying

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My mom passed away July 4th. Normally I feel like I'm doing as good as can be expected. I am having such a hard time talking to my dad though. It's still surreal to call home (I live 2 hours away) and think she's not there. My dad came on vacation with my family and my brothers family for a few days which was strange and hard for all of us- mom should have been there. My dad left a few days earlier than rest of us. Today we came home and I've been sad all day b/c normally I would call her and tell her all about our trip. I called him tonight and ended up making him so upset he started crying and said he had to go and couldn't talk anymore. Now I feel so terribly guilty b/c I feel so badly for him (they were married 55 yrs) but I just cannot stop crying. I just don't know how to stop crying around him. It's just such a trigger for me b/c they were like one unit. Feeling extra sad tonight especially because I made him sad now too.

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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time.  Hopefully soon you will be able to recognize your dad as a person in his own right, not just part of a couple, and that should help.  You might want to consider grief counseling for yourself, perhaps they'd be able to help guide you through this so you don't cause your dad more pain and upset than he's already going through.  

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Its so hard to lose your mom,and your father must be so sadden without her. After being together for so many years he will surely miss her so much. I know you are grieving the loss of your mother also. I lost my mother April 22,2015 and everyday is just down rite grief for me. I feel your pain I really do and its hard. 

Maybe spending some extra time with your father could help him some. Just his everyday life with your mom he will miss so much. The simplest everyday activities without her will leave him in so much grief. He's going to need so much extra support to get through the loss of his loving wife for so many years. 

Prayers for you and your family


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