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When Grief Tests Relationships

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Sharing an article that seems to fit in this forum:

When Grief Tests Relationships: How To Support Your Bereaved Partner

In a relationship when one partner loses someone they are very close to, it can affect a relationship in ways one can’t imagine.

The bereaved partner goes through a lot of emotions and finds it difficult to cope with the loss. Such times are difficult even for the other partner who is trying to help the other deal with the loss.

But there are times when grief ends up alienating and dividing the couples if the other partner does not empathise or understand what the other is going through. Read on here >>>

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And sometimes no matter how supportive and understanding you are, they break up with you anyway, because they "can't do a relationship" AND grieve at the same time, as reflected by most of the threads in this section.  Just know it's not "personal" and it's "not you".

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