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Forgive me


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please forgive my failure in not having words to reply to all you lovely "family" on your grief journeys.  Finding words have always been difficult for me.  I have a hard time finding words for my own grief.  Today is one month since my granddaughters were born way too soon and they fought but didn't make it.  Wednesday will be nine months since my bride my soul mate my princess lost her battle.  Having ALS steal her from me is unforgivable.  It stole so much before inevitably taking her to Heaven.  It stole her voice a while before she passed and after almost nine months I'm already losing the memory of her voice in my head.  A week from today will be two years since our SIL Shannon passed to cancer.  

Mom trying to hold my little family together.  Words are hard.  

I think of you all with prayer thoughts and comfort even though I don't reply.  Please know that.  


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Dear Butch,

Please know I think of you and pray for you each and every morning about 6:30 -7:30 CA time.  All of us here on the forum care very much for you and your family.  Take good care of yourself.



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Grief is a hard journey and you are walking several.  I would be at a loss for words too.  We care for you and are here for you, dear Butch!

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