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I still miss my cats, months later


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I am very alone now that my two loved cats are gone.

The old one in May, the other one last November.

When I come home, I feel the difference in the place.

I even dream about them. Everyone says to get another cat but I am just

not ready for that, at all. My older cat was 19 and very sick. I did everything I could

do to extend her life. My other cat went quickly, shockingly, and now I wish I had

spent more money at the ER, but they told me there was only a small chance.

Can you console me?


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Hi -- I certainly wrap your thoughts in my heart.   It is so painful when we lose our companions that were close to our hearts and a constant part of our dailhy lives.   So sorry for your double loss.  

My Gb kitty had to leave me May 26 and I still miss him terribly  He was almost 15.  I do have his brother and recently adopted 2 teenage kittens f rom the Humane Soc..  They make me smile and laugh.

Your came to the perfect place.   The losses you talk about are so familiar to us and at the same time the losses are important to recognize and mourn in our own individual ways.  


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I am so sorry for your loss.  Sometimes all the money in the world won't save our pets and we are left with empty holes in our hearts, where they once inhabited their place.  Be assured that our love (both us for them and them for us) never dies, and it is my firm belief that we will be together again.

I hope you can take comfort in some kind of memorial for them.  I bought tombstones to put where they are buried in my back yard, some plant a plant or put in a fountain, it's not so important what, but it does help to have a place to come to and remember them...

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Yes, I believe we will be together again, the same as with people we've lost.  It's all part of your own personal belief system, but there's enough people who have gone beyond and come back (died and been resuscitated)  that have shared their experiences that solidify this belief.  (See Loss of Spouse section).

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Athos, I feel your pain.  I had to put my beloved Spooky to sleep a little over two months ago after being his mom for 21 years.  It feels so empty in my heart as well as in my home without him.  Right after losing him, each time I came home I felt like I was in shock not having him greet me; the emptiness I felt was excruciating.  It was like no matter where you turn there is no relief from the pain and sorrow.  I am so sorry for you, especially losing two beloved pets so close together.  Don't get another pet until you feel completely ready and able to open your heart to another. 

I will be moving within the next year, and once I move I will want to be a mom again to some precious furbabies.  But even if I was not moving away, I still wouldn't feel ready for more pets yet.  I still feel like I am in the grieving process and my heart still hurts too much to be able to commit to another pet.  When I know I will be able to wholeheartedly give all the love I have to give to another, then I will adopt.  It would not be fair to the next pet (or pets) if I were not able to commit myself emotionally to the next one as that next one (or ones) deserve.  Your friends might think they are being helpful by suggesting you get another now, but you have to listen to your heart.  You, and only you know how hurt you are feeling, and getting another pet too soon would be like putting a band aid on a deep wound that hasn't healed yet.  My prayers are with you that you will be able to get through the difficult and heart wrenching time you are going through!


~ Mia ~

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