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A bit off topic, a bit on...

I wasn't sure where the best place was to post this...

I saw a counselor to help me with my grief. I went to her for 9 sessions and each time I gave her cash for what I believed was my co-pay. About a month after I stopped seeing her (I felt like I wasn't getting much out of the sessions) she called me to let me know my insurance paid for the sessions in full and that she would be sending me a check for the money I gave her in excess, I was grateful as my money is very tight.

Out of the blue, about a month later, she called me to tell me that she messed up and that I owed her $207. I was shocked because I've never had anyone refund me money and then say "oops". It just seemed so unprofessional. Why would she refund my money if she wasn't sure what insurance paid? I told her my money was extremely tight and I said I'd pay her when I could, but it might be a while.

Well, I've been getting phone calls from her and a hand written letter demanding the money and honestly, I haven't paid yet. She's never sent me an actual itemized bill. Never once has she said "Mitch, how are you doing" or "Mitch, we can work out payment if you're having financial difficulties". I find it remarkable that someone in that field could be so cold.

She won't even accept a check via mail and said I need to pay her in person.

I just am appalled,




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Could you report her to the state board?  I find this preposterous!  Maybe call another counseling place and ask them if they feel this would be standard practice or does it seem out of line to them?

I would require she send you an itemized statement before doing anything.  I would contact my insurance company and tell them what happened and ask them for feedback (they should also be able to provide you with itemization.  I would begin mailing her payments, small amounts you can afford, $5/wk or $10 biweekly, depending on your pay schedule, but nothing more.  She can't do anything and if she took you to small claims court it'd likely be thrown out.  As long as you're trying, what can she do?  Take you to court and look like an idiot?  To hell with her demands that you bring it in, in person.  She's nuts!  No one requires that, not in this day and age!

I am so sorry you are going through this, Mitch.  God, like you needed this!

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Mitch, if you can, I'd love to hear an update to how this situation is unfolding. I also find this utterly ridiculous! I think you should do just what kayc said, especially starting with your insurance. I'm sure anyone would be happy to send you a bill or invoice to show just what you should pay. Do you even know what your co-pays were? You need something from insurance to say what your co-pay was and what you actually owe.

I think this is woman is just evil and she should be ashamed doing this to someone dealing with grief and going through something already. I wouldn't send her any money until you got something in writing to show just what you owe. Why just send her over $200 because she said so? How much was her sessions per hour? If she ends up being in the wrong I can imagine the headache in getting the money back.

I'm beginning something similar as I just started seeing a therapist and her cost is $160 an hour and I think my co-pay may be $20 although I was told it was between $20-$40 but I don't know what exactly. I don't know why it wouldn't be a set number.

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