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let me start by saying

i am a very logical person, normally. a lot of that has gone out the window recently after the loss of Michael. I hope and believe in things I would have never before...

so  please..call me out if this sounds totally crazy......

I was online in a chat group with people who 'read' people. Mediums etc.. 

now, this being online, i was more interested in watching what was going on than joining, i didn't really believe anything- it was for fun etc......but they asked read me and it was all free and fun/games so whatever. sure. not thinking anything of it. 

when I talk to Michael daily, I beg him to show me something...it's been especially dark in my head recently and I just....need....something from him. 

let me be clear- other than setting up a username, i have posted nothing else in my profile for that group. nothing about Michael. nothing about losing someone. not my actual name. nothing. because i didn't take it seriously as a real way to reach Michael or anything (and I still don't). they have a username for me (harleyquinn) that i set up when i joined and that's it. 

this is the message that came from someone (copied and pasted exactly has it was provided to me- so sorry for any typos) :

Harlequinn - Sometimes when we are looking so hard for something that we so desire then we miss it when it shows  just like when you look up at the night sky looking for one particular star we miss it when it shines right next to us as we are so desiring it to light up in one place.  Sometimes we should just let the star show when ready and where ready. As sometimes for something so special shouldnt it be for us when we trully need it and they know that rather than when we want. Sometimes we should just let spirit choose when, where and how as they trully know how special it will be for us x 


I don't know...it kind of knocked the wind out of me. and i don't want to grasp at straws to make something fit that doesn't. but i spend so much time asking Michael to give me signs...to give me something... I don't think Michael came through but it just feels like this person picked up on something in me.  

so...please tell me i'm losing my mind, that it was a lucky guess out of...i don't where haha  so i can go back to being my logical self. it just doesn't make sense to me.


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