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After Death Communications for a book.

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Hello. I am working on a book about what's called After Death Communications (ADC for short).

I first became aware of this phenomenon after my daughter's death. She was 35 at the time and didn't know how sick she was. She died of pneumonia at 35 years old. The day after she died I had this "communication" in the parking lot of the hotel I was checking out of. At the time of her death there were family issues and by her choice, she and I were not speaking to each other. There was a moment that happened (it seemed like a long time but in reality it was brief) of this communication which occurred on kind of mental telepathy level. I felt her sorrow and I sent  her mine. It took some time to figure out just exactly what happened. 

What I know now is that the "partition" that separates this side of life from the next is not all that thick.   A small aspect of that separation opened up briefly to allow this communication. I know it happened...I felt it. I can understand fully if you don't get it or you want to explain it away because of my grieving position at the time. There's more to the story as to what happened previously to the experience but it would make this way longer. The point is I know what  happened and now...I can relate to others that experience their own ADC's. 

At the time I thought it was just me. I mean I thought I was the only one in the world to have this kind of communication. Well, I'm pleased to tell you that is not the case. These communications have been happening for some time. A long time in fact. I began to collect them from other people....although I might add, with some difficulty. You may be surprised to find out it's a conversation stopper for some people. 

Many do not think this ADC stuff is a good thing. They think it's Satan speaking using his deceptive powers. Or they simply dismiss it all together on a intellectual basis. And then there are those that simply walk around saying "NO" to everything no matter what. 

The observation (mine) is that in fact, these ADC's happen to EVERYONE. And there is the clue I'm searching for. WHO is doing the communication. In my collection of stories I have a Buddhist, an atheist and an attempted murderer to name a few. These are all very thoughtful stories that would give a skeptic a moment to ponder. The direction of travel I'm on is to find these out of the ordinary stories from varied sources. From a Monk or sinner.... believer (all religions) or atheist....a player or a saint...and anything in-between. 

So that's my pitch. I'm looking for stories of loved ones or friends that communicated from the other side. Any story really, but not ghost/camp fire stories. Not the same thing at all. On the other hand, what I'm looking for is unique and hard to find. I'm hoping that on this forum I'll reach a much larger audience with my search. 

Thank you for your time here. 

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