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I'm not talking about birthday or anniversary but yes today is a special day. Today I had the most amazing dream about my mom. I dream about her every night but the one I saw today and the other I saw a few days ago were different. 
After she died I had normal dreams about me and her being together like we used to but one morning I just feel asleep and saw my mom was preparing something in the kitchen..I was completely aware of the fact that she is dead and it is a dream. I went up to her and sat on a chair and started crying.. She turned up to me and asked the usual question-she always asked when I cry, it was in Hindi but it meant- baby why are you crying?.. What  happened my baby?
I said "you are dead right,?
I saw you dead." Hearing this she sat on the chair near me and was sad, as if all the past days she was hiding the fact that she's dead from me and was living a normal life with me in my dreams.
I apologized for not being able to do anything for her, I kissed her on the forehead (it was so real) and said we'll always be together and she agreed.. I don't know why but I said goodbye and then I was awake.
After this dream for 6-7days I didn't had any dream about her.. Not even a single one. I was so sad, maybe she was trying to ease the pain for me by being with me and not letting me feel the reality. 
Then today in the morning I again dreamt about her. 
This time she came as an angel.. She was glowing so golden as if a spotlight was on her. She was wearing the same dress which I was wearing yesterday( as I was feeling very sad,depressed and was missing her that day so I thought about wearing her dress).
She looked so beautiful and happy.. She had a big smile?on her face. 
(For few days I was in a dilemma about a thing, it was so confusing and I was unable to find a way.)
She sat beside me in our old house, my brother was sitting next to me.. I told him that look how real mum felt even though its a dream and he touched her hand and agreed while my mum was laughing all the time. 
Then she gave the answer to my confusion. 
It was so obvious as if she was giving me hints that I should do that.
I abruptly woke up as someone knocked our door. 
I then asked my brother if he had any dream today.. He said "yes, it was about our mummy and we were sitting in our old house talking and laughing together."
I know it was her.. She's always with me. She in no ways can be without her little girl whom she loves so much and she came to help me out of the confusion. 
This all dreams are so beautiful..I wish I could live in dreams with her rather than living in the real life without her.

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It sounds like your mom came to you in a dream for a purpose, to give you the answer to your confusion.  That was a very special visit.

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Okay so I just received another sign by my mom,  I had a dream just now, 

I was at my new house and I was sitting outside, my mom came in a different form and called me by my nick name (the name she usually use to call me)

I went closer and the form said that it is my mom, I asked for verification, I told it to say something that only my mom and I knew, to my surprise it said so, 

I begin howling, crying and opened the gate and ran towards it, then it transformed into my mom, I hugged her and cried harder, she kissed me on my forehead and wiped my tears ( it was a brief moment) , then she slowly started walking away saying goodbye,  as she was moving away I suddenly realized about asking her for my apology, 

I asked her if she was angry at the things that happened, she turned with a smile saying no.

Then she disappeared. 


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Oh wow!  That is very special!  It sounds like she had a specific message for you.

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