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My Beloved Ernie


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I am a new member to this website, I found it today when I was trying to find answers as to where my beloved Ernie will be in the end. I found Ernie 13 1/2 years ago in a pet store. I had intended to fill a void from a previous pet that I had to give away. I had a Yorkie in mind and I went to the Yorkies cage and there was the cutest little pug dog. I never even got to take the Yorkie out. Once I held little Ernie, I could not put him back. Sooo $500 and all the accessories later....I came home with Ernie. I had intended to cage train him, but the very first nite he looked so scared and with the question on his face...I thought I was getting out of that cage! That was it for us he then found his place on our pillows and for the next 13 1/2 years is where our little Ernie has slept.

We have so many fond memories happy and sad with Ernie. The look on his face when the baby came home was priceless. He wore a santa suit, a halloween costume, rabbit ears and so on. This was my first baby I guess. I had a first birthday party for him with a few friends in tow. We made burgers on grill, doggie lollipops and of course ice cream....in which Ernie never lets us forget him when we indulge.

Tomorrow will be a very difficult day for us. Our little Ernie has been dealing with spinal damage and arthritis for the past 3 years and we did what we could to make him comfortable as possible. I now realize that his quality of life is not good. He cant follow me to the barn anymore, he cant play without gagging, going out to releive himself is a chore and we can not travel with him anymore for fear he will have accidents. After agonizing the decision to put him to sleep for the last year I finally made the phone call to our vet yesterday and made the appointment to euthanise Ernie. I have been crying since yesterday and I am crying for him and us. We are going to bury with him here in our garden and put the memorial stone on top of his grave and I will plant special flowers in the spring. I am feeling tremondoulsy lost at this moment and feel I am taking a life without consent. But as I watch him walk ever so slow and just sleep all day, I know this is the end. My husband will be with me when we take Ernie in tomorrow, I know he is hurting also but doesnt show his emotions like me. He hurts when he sees me hurting. What will our life be with out Ernie? I will be sad and the thought of another pet scares me. My son has his horse and I know she will find ways to comfort us, for I believe our animals feel for us in ways we dont understand. If anyone can help shed a light of hope to us please do! Thank you from a family who will miss our beloved Ernie greatly.

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I'm so sorry. Please try to be strong, I know it hurts. You should be proud of yourself, for saving a life for 13 years, I hope you find some comfort in that. I wish my dog had lived for that long, she was 7 years old when she died, last year, it hurt so bad, she fell sick all of a sudden. It was the saddest day of my life.

I'll be thinking of you and Earnie with a candle lit.


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