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Someone my kids grew up with


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Those of you on my Facebook have seen me posting updates about Jason being missing since about Dec. 26 or 27.  Today they found his body.  This was someone who grew up with my kids, one of my son's best friends, in fact he was Jason's best man in his wedding and Jason was one of his groomsmen in his wedding.  I remember Jason most for his good nature.  He went through some phases, one of which was dreadlocks.  His mom couldn't handle it and one night she sneaked into his room while he was sleeping and cut them off.  He took it with good humor. :)  Jason had some mental issues but he was a wonderful person that we all loved very much.  The last year of his life was rough, he was estranged from his wife and his parents asked him to leave their home.  I don't judge what I don't know, but I know it will be rough on all of them.

My kids are both having a really tough time of it.  My son is having a hard time focusing and my daughter has been crying all day.  Everyone loved Jason in our community.  The newspaper said he was from Creswell, but he was from Oakridge, if he lived in Creswell it was very recent and temporary.  He grew up here.

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Sunday my son was praying for Jason and asked God for clarification as to whether he's still alive or not, and immediately this song came on the radio, he felt it was God letting him know that Jason was gone..."Go Rest High" by Vince Gill.


The song is befitting Jason, he was troubled here but now he's okay.  My son was with Jason when he made his "profession of faith" so we've no doubt his whereabouts. :)


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