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Vote of thanks to Marty Tousley.

Guest Janka

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I´d love to vote my thanks to Marty Tousley for this unique site that I enshrined in.It has made me feel like my home I lost after my beloved man Jan had died...real home of understanding,comfort,support and love making my life more bearable...home for all of us healing here and sharing this indescribable grief after loss of the dearest loved one in everyone´s life.I´d love to speak on behalf of all on this wonderful board...of those great people I met in my life...making me feel like at home now.

Thank you,Marty!

With love Janka

Mother's Day Bouquet

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My vote is in too!  I'm deeply grateful she has devoted so much of her life to helping the likes of you and me!  Thank you, Marty!

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A big thank you from me too Marty!!!

When I think about where I was when I first came here four years ago, and look at who I am now........wow, it came in no small part from you dear lady. You are very special and I hope you know that.


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I ordered Marty's book Finding Your Way Through Grief, and I promptly lost it.  My mind does not seem to go on a straight line, just like my congenital tremor makes loops in lines that are meant to be drawn straight.  I have an admission, may be too ghastly to some people, but I sleep with a lot of Billy's things.  We have a very big king sized bed and I don't move around much in it.  I sleep with a bunch of pillows, soft, that is the way I like it.  Billy had a pair of pants I hated, but they were comfortable to him and he wore them all the time.  In winter he wore another pair of pants under them.  I sleep with these pants rolled up next to my pillow.  Last night, during the night, I unknowingly felt Marty's book.  I had brought it to bed with me.  I have Brianna's "Daddy Dog" (huge) on one side of the bed too.  We put Billy's sleeping pants on Daddy Dog.  He has not been found on the floor yet, so Billy is okay with him sleeping with me.  Anyhow, Marty's book must have pushed information through me by osmosis because I slept 8-1/2 hours.  Now, I will get to the business of reading it, since it has been found again.  Thanks Marty.

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