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Entering a New Year

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Wow! Here we are into yet another new year. I for one so appreciate having this safe and caring place to come to as we share our grief so openly with one another.

It has been a while now that a donate button was added to help our moderator, Marty, continue to provide us with excellent resources and forums that remain ad free. I hope that you would consider donating whatever you are able to off set the expenses. How wonderful that we have so many members. With all the social media via (the grief healing blog, Twitter, this website, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) we are averaging about three or four new members daily. Those who come here regularly know how helpful the resources that Marty finds for us have been. And our members have gifted us with many treasures along the way also.

So, if you are able and choose to do so please consider giving a donation of whatever you are able to keep this excellent forum running. This has been Marty’s passion for many years and she believes that there is a need for it.

I for one love those who come here and are so kind and sensitive to each other.  Many of us hurt financially when we lose our spouse but if you can please consider a donation to this worthy site.

Blessings to each one of you,

Anne (enna)

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