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Mothers Day

Amy Wamy

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Tomorrow, March 6th, is Mothers Day here in the UK. I have always chosen to never acknowledge the day because I have nothing to celebrate. My Mum is no longer here, and all the day is to me, is a reminder of something I no longer have. Recently though, I have thought that I should treat it differently. Since I've had to go from the age of 15 without my Mum (and no Father since he basically gave me up at age 9), I've sort of had to look to other female figures in my life for different things. I am of course grateful for my Mum to bring me into the world, as that's a miracle itself, but I'm also so very grateful for all the other women in my life, and I think Mothers Day, for me, should celebrate that. 

Anyway, I am sometimes still ashamed and embarrassed of my situation and how un-normal it is compared to the majority of other people around my age. I suppose that is something that will change with time - much like many other things in life! 


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Amy, I'm sorry.  These kinds of days can be hard to deal with when we've lost our mom or the relationship wasn't what it should have been.  If you want to treat it differently, then create it to be what you want it to be!

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