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Prince Dies at 57


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I don't mean to invade the forum with this kind of news, but I was a mega Prince fan and am heartbroken about this news. I am a fan of the 80's and 80's music is still my favorite. First Michael Jackson, not Prince. I felt like those two and Madonna were the last mega stars of that era of music. (I know they are others) but those three all basically blew up at the same time and lasted for decades, something that is hard to do.

Losing him also makes me sad--again--for my sister because we were both HUGE Prince fans and I would have been right on my phone texting her about it. Having no one close to me that would really care is another form of loss. It's just devastation all over again.

R.I.P. Prince.

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I understand to some extent as recently one actor from a show died(R.I.P), me and my mom used to watch the show. 

When I heard about the news my first reaction was thinking about how my mom would have reacted, she'd be so much sad. 

There was this desperate feeling of telling her this as I usually go chattering around her about most of the things that happens on the TV (or anything in general that only we found interesting).

R.I.P.  Prince

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I was shocked when I saw the headline on my local newspaper's website. Prince was a hugely talented guy and a genuine superstar.

Tammy's favorite musical era was the 80's (her car radio was always tuned to the Sirius 80's station) and she was a big Prince fan.

He will be missed. I hope he plays a concert in heaven. Tammy would be all over that!


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This is a particularly insightful Q&A featuring Dr. Robert Neimeyer on the AfterTalk website today:

The Death of Prince: Grieving for Celebrities

We grieve all those to whom we are attached, whether by bonds of kinship, love, or identification.  When the person we lose matters to us greatly, loss of their presence and participation–even symbolic participation–in our lives leaves us feeling reduced and impoverished, and the sadness, withdrawal and loss of meaning that we call grief is a natural response.  Rather than questioning the legitimacy of this experience in the case of the death of a celebrity with whom we are highly identified, it might be more appropriate to marvel at the human capacity to invest ourselves greatly in the lives of others, well beyond our immediate circle of family and friends. Read on here >>>

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