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A year ago

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was going to be the last couple of weeks of spending those last moments with our Uncle who was dying from Terminal Cancer . How ironically and strange it is that during this time last year I was wishing it to be over as  in to be wishing he would be gone so  I didn't have to face it or hear about it . I was to busy running away from it and wishing it away .  Now, I'm wishing those times back  so I could be able to spend the last couple weeks with him and wish I could had been able done that last year . I wonder why I wasn't able too was it because people didn't make me feel comfy enough ? Maybe it was because of the bad report that mom kept giving me made me  sound like he was going to be dying that very day which  made me afraid to see him  as if he was going to die in front of me which I didn't want to see . I also wish  I would had brought my boy with me to be able to see him maybe it would  had helped me handle it better .  On May 7 its going to be his year in heaven .

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