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Seacelle, thanks for the reply! And no worries about a late reply, the same has happened to me! I hope you dont have to experience this loss for a very a long time but feel free to message me if you are ever feeling low as well :) 

I went into denial when we found out my dad had cancer. He lost a bunch of weight and at the end, I just lost it. I actually used to lie to people about how he was doing up until he died. They are supposed to be these unbreakable and invincible beings and when you see them get hurt or ill, it shatters everything we have ever known!

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Hi Shari, I don't know if everyone feels like this but I find myself getting annoyed when people who know my mom is elderly ask me how she's doing.  I know many of them have no idea that she's ill in any way, but some do and continue to ask.  Generally, if I don't bring up the topic it's because I'm trying not to think about because some days that's all I do.  I don't want to be a vending machine for sad stories when I'm trying to socialize like a normal young adult.  I have taken to lying and giving very brief responses, literally, when people ask if she's good I just say "yep!" and change the subject.

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