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Changing relationships with Siblings


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Hey guys, anyone have difficulty relating to siblings while their parent was ill, ailing or recently passed?  My siblings and I squabble here and there about how various situations should be handled, but more than anything, I think we are all paralyzed with fear.  In a weird way, we remind each other of mom, and that reminds us that there is a problem.  Also, when we do get together it is difficult to find other things to talk about and we often swirl the drain or depressing thoughts and topics related to mom.  I know that we will need each other when this is all over, but I'm worried that we are losing touch.  It's tough to be around each other right now.  Anyone else experience this?  Tips for getting over it?

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Maybe you could just tell them that you guys need to stay close. 

My brother and I had issues when my dad died and I no longer wish to speak to him but we have a very different relationship, we are only half siblings and hes a good 25 yrs older than me. I know that there are some sibling issues posts in other topics so you could try poking around over there. 

Also, one thing to remember is that we all deal with this grief and fear differently so it could just be a coping mechanism right now. I know that I got angry when my dad was sick and played it off like it was no big deal and I also didnt want to talk about it, even with my mom, who is my support system. My dad had colon cancer and I kept saying that it was butt cancer. Not a moment I am proud of.

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