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  1. Buttersmom

    Very rough day

    Today has been a really rough day for me. I miss Butters so much and her sister Taz is to, Taz has been walking around the house meowing and giving me such a sad look and all I have done is cry and try to comfort her. Taz & Butters were always very close, they would lay together and clean one another all the time since they were babies. They love each other as much as I love them and I wish I could make her feel better but all I can do is try to comfort her. I have done nothing but cry all day and have been so depressed knowing I'll never hold my sweet baby again. She will always be a part of me in my heart and I will alway love her and everything reminds me of her.
  2. Buttersmom

    Heartbroke beyond words

    Thank you Butters was my baby and a big girl that wanted nothing but love and to be with me. Im so heartbroke and miss her more then words can say.
  3. Buttersmom

    Heartbroke beyond words

    Thank you very much and sorry to hear about your loss to. Its just not the same here without Butters and I wish I had known she was sick before she got so bad but they are masters at hiding their pain. I feel so guilty for not seeing she was sick, I would have done anything to save her.
  4. Buttersmom

    To all the beloved babies

    This is something I wrote for all the beloved babies that have gone to the rainbow bridge and the people who miss them - I miss you so very much. You are so special You will always have a very special place in my heart and will never be forgotton. I knew from the first time I saw you that we were ment to be together and I remember all the happy memories we made and I know someday we will be together once again but until that day comes I will cherish every moment & every memory of you. Until we meet again know that I love you with all of my heart and I know you are happy & healthy once again in the heavens above. This isnt a goodby its just til I see you again. I love you my special baby And I know you are watching over me from above.
  5. Buttersmom

    Heartbroke beyond words

    Here is something I wrote for Butters - Butters you are my angel Now you have your wings You will always be a part of me Forever in my heart You left this world way to soon I miss you more then I could ever say I miss you each and every minute of each and every day Rest in peace my baby and know you will never be forgotton I love you Butters, alway have and always will I know someday we will be together again But until then you will always live in my heart.
  6. Buttersmom

    Heartbroke beyond words

    Thank you, she was a beautiful cat inside and out. She was in so much pain and still would come lay on me and rub her head against my face. She loved me as mich as I do her. I feel so lost and alone without her. She was a very special and happy girl in every way. She will always have a piece of my heart.
  7. Buttersmom

    Heartbroke beyond words

    Thank you I will check them out.
  8. Buttersmom

    Heartbroke beyond words

    Its been very hard on me loosing her at such a young age. She was my baby and to have to put her to sleep tore my world apart. Its been over 3 months and it still feels like it just happened. Nobody around me understands what Im going through and that makes things worse.
  9. Buttersmom

    Heartbroke beyond words

    Thank you so much. I miss her so much but couldnt let her suffer. She was and still is a very special part of my life and will always be in my heart. Im glad you were able to save your husky (I would have done the same thing you did). Below are some pictures of butters when she was a baby and as an adult.
  10. Buttersmom

    Heartbroke beyond words

    On dec 21 2017 I had to make the heartbreaking decision to put my 4 1/2 year old cat Butters to sleep, she had cancer & her kidneys were failing. I raised her and her 2 sisters from just a few hours old and she was my baby. I miss here sooo much and cry about every day wishing I still had her. She was a very sweet and loving cat that was always with me anywhere I was in the house. The vet made things even worse by not giving me the option to stay with her and at that time I wasnt thinking straight (it was not the usual vet I normally saw in the office). I dont know how to get through this. Im so sad & depressed feel so alone