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  1. It's like every time I start to cry or tear up about my dad I stop because I feel this emptiness instead. I feel the stress of the situation building up, but I cannot release it no matter how much I think about my dad. I just feel emptier.
  2. This Friday I turn fifteen years old. Today my older sister turns 18. My father died yesterday in his hospital room. He was diagnosed with cancer around five years ago. Luckily my dad beat the cancer and got a bone-marrow transplant. He improved over time, but experienced several close encounters with death. My father's lungs were weakened and damaged greatly because the bone-marrow transplant caused his brother's blood to fight with his own (like it should). However, he got another disease of his lungs which covered his lungs in scar tissue. Unlike our lungs, which are elastic-like and stretc
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