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  1. Thank you I will check into some of the articles.
  2. My brother has always been my protector he always stood up for me even if I was wrong. He always made me feel like I was safe and losing this has been the hardest part. I recently lost my brother to suicide on June 23rd 2017 he was 29 His services were on his 30th birthday. I was living with him the time of the suicide. I woke up like any other day I woke my boyfriend up as well my boyfriend had said something about going to check on him and I froze I couldn't go check on him. (I still have no idea why I couldn't move to go check on him). Long story short my boyfriend found him and was unable to get in the room. We called 911 and delt with the entire process unable to leave with all the police/medics and go on in the home. Less than a month after I lost my favorite aunt to suicide as well. This has been the longest and hardest summer of my entire life. I guess I don't have any questions it's more of what steps do I make to go forward. Will my emptiness ever go away. Any input is appreciated.
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