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  1. hope your weather is better. We had strong rain last night and will again this weekend. 50s and 60. how ya feel? Hoping better, maybe it just take a bit. What happened with your carport and stuff? is the hand any better? Im just a load of questions today. Dad had his 'colitis' a couple days so we changed him to soup and sandwich for brunch. Also cut out the Boost. He is and isnt lactose intolerant. He just believes whats in his mind at the time. he wont eat safe, was eating bacon and milk products. At one point didnt eat bread. Now its all fair game. Except i sneak out the bad stuff
  2. How are you feeling hope alot better. Things have been crazy here. Winter storm of the century. lost power for the better part of a couple days and temp bottomed out at -2. Have power and water and gets over freezing tomorrow so looks like we survived. Tho many have been without power all week and some also no water. Stores are almost empty because no deliveries. Hope they get restocked fast. havent gotten anything done this week. dad has good days and days he thinks his remote is a phone. His digestive is off again, he calls it daihrrea but who knows. he blames diet but then insists on e
  3. Hope youre feeling better. I have lost all respect for most doctors. I think they push them so hard to make covid calls that theyre seeing it in their dreams. they get money for the diagnosis and treatment as well. What was it they gave you for it? If its hydroxychloroquine and zinc thats good stuff. Of course since you dont have it anything would work. Crazy times. Seems to me you deserve a vacation with all thats been going on. Hope you get some rest. i woke up today with vertigo. messed me up for half a day. first time and I dont want that ever again. Took a motion sickness pill and ha
  4. Ouch, hope you're ok. If you have it try soaking in warm or hot epsom salt bath. I was in a car wreck years back, that messed up my back, and epsom salt soaks really helped. be careful, like you need to hear that. Hope your replacement is as attentive as you were. I think she will have a hard time living up to your standadrd but she will learn. When Dad first got home from rehab hospital after his stroke I looked into devices that would make life easier. medicare didnt pay for alot so i would explain the item and ask if he wanted it. he always said yes but then didnt use most. he tho
  5. Sorry it's taken this long. I lose track of days it seems. There's nothing to mark them. Hope you are well. Our weather is up and down, got some rain, but generally 50s by day. I'll take it. Dad has his good and bad days. Got him a new phone, an android. he had so much trouble opening his flip phone. I dont know if the android will be usable since he has to swipe. Food...we have tried 5 or 6 kinds of pancakes and buckwheat cakes and he doesnt like any of them. I told him his sense of taste was going. He just doesnt like anything, it can't live up to his memory. How is K
  6. Sounds like your nutrition works well. Hard for me to do so since I also cook for dad. Isn't it nice how we start to eat better and we get to like the flavor etc. Thats the danger of the outdoors I see. After all he is an animal and has the urges of his kind. dad is at that point where nothing works and nothing is good enough. he cant taste or smell and can barely hear sometimes. Nothing is good or right or real. I had ordered him a bookholder before. But he refused to set it on a desk or table to read. he had to read in his chair. With the big soft cushion. that when he set his bookhold
  7. Teach Kodie to fetch firewood and place it in the wagon, that would be a neat trick. We have to just do the best we can. Have you any snow yet? We are 70 today. feels good but seems odd. Hope you have a good Christmas. Do your kids get to come visit? maybe you can do like us. We're having Christmas dessert on skype with the brother. Lol, kinda ruins my appetite lol. Dad is back to fighting his bedcovers. he can't understand that he just tosses and turns at night. Tonight i'm tucking them in the side of the bed he doesnt get out from. Now I find out he can't read because he can't hold the
  8. Wish I could do something to help, does it absolutely have to be done now? maybe some of the other folks who've helped before. If you or someone you know has a waterproof tarp, they could put it up on pallets or wood and cover it. Cost, hopefully whoever does it will offer a payment plan. If they are short of work maybe they will cut you a break. We are 41 degrees and overcast and drizzly today. people think i'm nuts because I love this weather. We got the cards sent out. he keeps getting a few cards from the folks at American Air, I think it's up to a dozen or so. very nice people
  9. Kodie is beautiful. Who couldn't love that face. He looks so innocent. Sounds like he's perfect for the weather. Maybe a nice Santa hat :). Praying the hand gets better, hang in there and rest. Not easy to do this time of year. Just doesnt seem like Christmas. I need to bring out what decor is left and decorate. We used to have a TON but so little left. Guess Dad trhew it out or maybe it's hidden in the attic. I'm tempted to get a small real tree. That small fake one is just aweful. Way I see it I navigate a thin line with my Dad. Can't get pulled in by his dementia and narcissism but I
  10. Lol love minions. Thats cute. hope you had a good turkey day. really good your Mom settled in that way. I've read about so many problems. I know when my Mom had any changes from her routine she got very upset. I tried Curry Chicken by recipe the other night and it wasn't good. My dad wanted Buckwheat Pancakes for breakfast so i ordered a mix on Amazon. he said they weren't real Buckwheat cakes. Nothing is ever 'real' because it cant live up to his memory of what it was like. I did buy some spices so will keep trying new dishes. dads the guinea pig i guess. Tonight I made chicken and rice
  11. Tachi

    To Marty

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for having this forum and for all the help you've given myself and many others. I'm sure you keep very busy. Yet I hope you have some times to rest and reflect and be joyful. Take good care
  12. Thankful your hand is better. Just take it easy. Kodie probably senses your discomfort and is being an angel. You may have to do things a little different but whatever works. Why does it seem that problems come in bunches? This old man here has decided how to cook again. Our spices are left over from Mom's cooking which makes them a few years old. I ordered a basic set and will start looking up recipes. My cooking has always just been what I like. The goal is something tender and yummy but no long prep time. yet I want to make new things and learn to use more spices prope
  13. Im so sorry youre in such pain. please dont reply if typing hurts you. Prayers coming that they will be able to alleviate your pain and discomfort. hang in there. I will tell you one story. My dad worked for american airlines for over 50 years. first as a pilot and then as their first flight instructor at the new then academy here in Texas. hes been in aviation since he was a young man working as a lineboy at a rural airfield in Ohio. he used to be part of a small club of flyers who met once a week to fly model planes and then have lunch and shoot the bull. But they havent been able to do
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