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  1. Hang in there. Your sister is a real handful. I hope you can find some time to relax and refresh. My thought is that in the absence of normal function their minds just keep moving and grasping onto things. She is indeed blessed to have you. Do your best, can anyone else in the family pull their weight or is it best left to you? Things are happening alot there. take it one at a time. be sure to breath. take your walks under the trees. Relax. I dont have trees so I do 30 minutes in the yard or find a video of a walk in the wood. Any endeavor is only as good as the people who run it. sadly taxes and medical care are just terrible. I called to get redo dad's appt because his doc is out on pregnancy leave early. was told no appts til Dec. Asked the service to send a msg could they squeeze him in just whoever needs to see him and let me know when. Got a curt voicemail to make an appt. But today magically a different lady found lots of appts. I give up on dads refund. Wouldnt be surprised if they decide he needs to pay more. I bet Kodie likes the cool weather better. Sounds like a perfect puppy. Does he ever sing? saw a video of a lady who whenever she starts to sing her dog sings with her. Its cute. Maybe Kodie would behave if left out at night? Or would he get in trouble. Hoping things have gone well. Seems several things every day here. Hopefully tomorrow will finish Dads Trust document and we can go to the Notary. I just hope his memory is good that day so they dont refuse him. I realise that by me making the Trust theres a chance of failure. But I dont see dad paying 1-2k for it. Will find out one day. Oh, dad had his 2nd covid shot and seems no side effect at all. My brother and his wife had their 2nd and got side effects tho they didnt say what. But bad enough they cancelled sundays phonecall. Odd. My dad acts like he just doesnt care. It turns into a big guessing game of is something wrong, how serious, what needs to be done. you can lead a horse to water etc. Sadly, even tho I will try and be ready for a new job when dad passes im not fooling myself. Small chance. VERY hard to study and remember. Like the video I watched from the doctor who covrs narcissism. When you have the train of thought constantly running you just cant retain. Its like trying to study in the middle of a concert. I feel like my brain cant focus and order things properly. Do my best though. I do refuse to give up trying to get back with the artwork. Its all i care about now. Take good care of you and your four-legged buddy.
  2. Hope youre well, and Kodie too. have you been having the crazy hot temps? We missed the rain so im listening to rain on Youtube. 'Loose Lips Wanita' lol good shes leaving you alone. Maybe she in a way understands. Or just got distracted. Told my brother I didnt get the covid shot when Dad did and he didnt go haywire, he must be tired. California hasnt been sending him his unemployment and hes hurting. his new job is contingent on getting an FDA security clearance so he may be awhile. Somehow youre supposed to understand whats going on and navigate a treacherous field when they keep changing the rules. The system is just broken. Hang in there, do the best you can. There will be a resolution. I think you're right. No uneven ground. Respect limitations and live the best Life possible under those limits. Will be praying for her. Sounds like she just needs a tad bit of clarity. The govt works only to satisfy their metrics and rules and not to help people. Ive given up on them. I'm also praying for you. I know youre tired and you hurt, hang on. Hoping you can get all that settled and then relax with your own life. I keep reminding myself we are only buying time with Dad. I almost have his Trust done and then we can get it and his dnr notarised, I hope. dad got a new phone, a greatcall android. Seems a bit easier than the old android. He only needs to make calls but hes going thru the manual, reading how to do it all and breaking it daily. he keeps hitting the 5star emergency button. He is accidentally doing things because he lets his fingers get close to the screen. Im writing him a couople cheatsheets on how to work it. I wonder if he would enjoy a tablet with some basic games on it. My health...my body still responds well to exercise, tho slowly and it feels good. But im mentally weak and skip days. I need to eat cleaner and I have trouble focusing but I might be able to help that. Ive been looking at dads bills from the hospital and his Insurance. Its odd to me how medicare etc limits how much they can charge and then pays their share. So if you didnt have Ins you paid the full charge, that seems wrong. My Dads old doctor gave him a handful of back pain brochures and remarked he could then bill for a back exam. Its just one big scam and they jack charges up to bilk the insurance. Thats life. Take good care of yourself, hoping things settle down for you. Good thing you have Kodie to scratch behind his ears.
  3. How are ya holding up? Id hate being bombarded like that. Standing rule should be if people want to tell ya what to do they have to come help. never works like that. Tune em out.So how is your sister? Such a mess and so much falls on you. Prayers for you always. you need some peace in all this. I'm working on dads Trust and think I have it almost done. Then have a notary who says they will come over. They're also a social worker so kind of shy at having one in. I hope my dad doesnt have a bad day. He's been pretty good this week. mostly just trouble figuring out how remotes and phones work. Thanks for the recipe, going to the store in a few days and want to try it. I think im done ordering food in. Got KFC wings for dad last night and they were horrible. I make better. Hope to have nice wildflower pics for next time. One bed did real well and the others arent growing so guessing they dont get enough sun. Morning glories are taking over their part of the yard. I may be bold and try some seed in pots even tho we are in the 90s daily. I have to wonder how early the seeds of elder diseases begin. I know I should have taken much better care of myself starting decades ago. people just dont understand. you can tell them but they wont listen. Ive read dementia isnt hereditary so hopefully it will pass you by. All we can do is what we can do. just take good care of yourself. i know that I can do better and I will. how is kodie doing? Good you have such a sweet pup, I know it helps. Oh, addition to my PB&J sandwich I toast 7 grain bread PB on one side and Hazelnut spread on the other drizzle honey, add jelly and some banana slices it falls all over the place but I think im addicted. take good care
  4. hang in there, I know its crazy, but hang on. Address one thing at a time and breath. That oilchange place is just amazingly bad. Wonder if they disengaged the sensor or something, then didnt tighten the bolt, maybe it fell out. Did they check peggy for an infection, maybe urinary tract? Is she any better? Sounds like they need to list someone as contact. She doesnt seem to be able to make decisions for herself. George sounds alot like my Great uncle too. Fishing and just sitting in nature is soothing for body and soul. We are low 90s now. Our cool temps and rain is gone probably for the summer. Heat index over 100. next week a bit cooler so hope to get the grass seed done. I dont do well in the heat anymore. Poor Kodie doesnt know what he is missing. maybe he will learn to enjoy a cool dip. You're doing so much, get what rest you can and make sure to eat. peggy sounds like my dad. he doesnt know what or where anything is nor does he care. He STILL hasnt gotten last year's income tax return yet. his man filed this years and the IRS cashed his check but cant seem to process the return from last year. Sayin a prayer for you and Peggy, smooth transition and solving problems. I wish there was someone there to help you. Sounds like Peggy or you for her need to do some things she isnt ready for. Do you have her POA? that would help. Spending alot of time doing things for dad, like repairing his TP holder he broke and trying to get his docs office to see if they gave him antibiotics. Finding out he had bacteria in his urine and they want to take care of it. Just didnt bother to let us know. My dad has eaten tacos for decades. Mom got the shells and kits at the store. hard and crispy corn shells. last time I made tacos he commented he didnt like em because the shells were too crispy. So tonight I ordered delovery and got some good mexican food that was a sandwich on flatbread and one on a cornmeal flatbread and tasted like a taco. Chicken and one was brisket. i thought they were good, dad didnt. he opinioned that he wanted 'real' tacos and no one makes 'real' tacos anymore. I explained they do but he doesnt like em because he complained they were crispy. he doesnt like flour tortillas. never ever seen a soft corn tortilla and I explained this to him. he 'remembers' a soft corn tortilla taco or just has an idea they shouldnt be crispy and crunchy? I dont even try with this stuff anymore cause it doesnt exist except in his mind and I dont care to chase a ghost, because nothing will ever be good enough. I guess from now on theres no more trying new things to give him variety. Ill just get him his old standbys of Whataburger and Chick Fil A. Going to go watch a movie with dad. take good care of yourself, Hope the rest of the week looks up.
  5. Agreed, people who have dogs need to attend to them. maybe it doesnt bother them, they get used to it? No excuse. Can we send you our warm weather? mid to upper 80s and no rain. looks like summer is on the way. Absolutely love the cool nights and temperate days. The house gets so stuffy and sticky in summer. Found a notary who will accept my testimony of who dad is. now just have to go over and understand the Trust. Two documents...one assigns his possessions to the Trust and the other establishes the Trust and his and my roles. IF that works out is a huge relief. Kodie sounds cute lol. maybe you should get him a kiddie pool for the heat of summer. I have no idea if it gets that hot for you folks. Sounds like sis just loves being taken care of. dad has gotten that way but I dont mind because him trying to arrange anything is a nightmare. She is very blessed to have you. At some point I wish for you a nice vacation of peace and quiet. Notaries...we went to the one at dads bank because they know him there. She had no idea what was going on. The bank mgr, who knows dad, came over and sat in. that was rather improper. She has always treated me as if im trying to cheat dad. Every time I get the strangest looks from her. the two of them had no idea about the POAs or the DNR. They marked on my DNR form, never mark on someones form. They did the POAs and refused the DNR because she didnt see the doctor sign it. I talked to the State of Texas and they were amazed they didnt do it. The notary doesnt need to see the doctor sign it, just my dad. They assured me the doctors office would have a notary, none do. I asked the lady at the Texas Office to email me a letter of how to do the DNR and mailed a copy to the notary at the bank. We went to my bank. That one had no idea what she was doing. On the form she signs twice, once for watching dad and a second time that the form was correct. State of Texas says thats how its done. She even called a notary hotline and they told her dont sign it. The form I was using was a standard form from the Tx Dept of health website. Its filled out and notarised no problem many times a day. the lady at the health Dept was amazed no one had a clue. When dad was in the hospital i talked to his social worker and she was amazed the notaries didnt understand. Honestly, i dont know how people get these things done. the Bank Mgr at dads bank even snidely asked me what atty created the form. i told it its from the Tx State Dept of health. People who think you have to have an atty for everything are people who can afford them. many things can be done without one. Altogether we will be saving dad a couple thousand by doing the forms myself. I rather suspect trouble from dads bank manager after he passes and I try and settle his estate. My name is also on all his accounts and the deposit box. I asked the banker if when he passes they would pass to me TOD and they said yes. Tbh I dont know whats wrong with these people. Ive killed a career and running down my life savings and making sacrifices to be here and take care of my dad. It is my responsibility to make sure the estate will handle properly as his wishes dictate. I am setting it up to follow his wishes. I am an honest and honorable man, it irks me to be treated that way. Sorry, that bank... I asked on the Ft Worth reddit and found a notary about 30-40 minutes away. they will come to the house on a saturday when we're ready at no charge. Im guessing theyre a social worker by their reddit name. I just hope dad doesnt have a bad day or they wont do it. Im tired of the stress and worry. i know you must get that too. Would be nice to go fishin. just sit under a nice shady tree with a basket of snacks and drinks and relax. Wow be careful indeed. People think the car is a toy and just zoom around, drink and drive. It can have tragic consequences. i find I stay at home as much as I can. Take good care of yourself and kodie. find peace where you can and relaxation.
  6. Never had lilacs, they're definitely pretty. I had Jasmine and Virginia Creeper once and it was way too sweet. The wildflowers from seed are doing well. Supposed to get rain all week so will see how they grow. Dislike having neighbors with dogs. theyre never well behaved and the people never understand to keep em quiet. Guess i'm fussy in my old age, just want peace and quiet. Sounds like you get good exercise, good for you. I did some reading on working out and drew up a new regimen. Will start Monday. was doing many things wrong. I know I wont ever be in great shape but have to start somewhere. Lol your weather sounds crazy. maybe its the differences in elevation. At least no typhoons or such. I constantly am reminded that most people who have never been a caretaker have no idea whats involved. most i think are like my brother. he's relieved that im doing it. But he doesnt want to know whats going on. he doesnt understand about Parkinsons or Alzhiemers and doesnt listen to me, so I dont tell him. dads Thyroid med has helped a bit then faded. My bro acted like it cured dad. he just refuses to understand. I really should look into getting paid something for being a caretaker. I think Texas allows that. Anything would help. Going to go study. Did chores and research all day. Still need to figure out that Trust and find a notary. never dull. take good care of yourself and Kodie. Give him a scratch on the ear for me.
  7. Would be better if we could sell some of dads things and declutter the house. I dont think he is willing to sell it for what he can get for it tho. Wouldnt mind trying Ebay but it would end up me doing it all and losing alot of time. Dad says he remembers what things are, he doesnt. he asked my brother on skype tonight what he did after college because he has a black hole that he cant remember. he went in months ago for his skin and she said no cancer, no problems. he had convinced himself he had cancer so we went back. he was getting mad at her and badmouthing her for not doing what he wanted yet he didnt tell her what he wanted. Second time she took a few things off. As far as I know there is no need to have anything removed other than his fixation. You have a right to have your medical charges explained to your satisfaction. If they cannot justify them they must remove them. You may have an oversight or something to help the public. i hope I dont need medical care anytime soon. Grats on the BP, thats really good. Three drugs to do it may seen too much but worth it I think for that number. keep it goin. just curious whether you do any PT or such, other than walking the puppy? Curious how much workout people get. I have a couple neighbors who walk the block and one who runs. I dont think i could run it but walking would work. I always think im better off than I really am. I look at my folks and wonder how they could not take care of themselves. then I wonder at myself because im tired and stressed and anxious and dont want to do anything but relax. So i guess I understand. We become so used to it its hard to change. I dont think your sister understands at all. I hope the others will help you. Kodie is such a good companion. Unconditional love. Good for us to have pets around for their seemingly unlimited capacity to play. We seem to lose that in Life and its much needed. i wanted to ask, is it quiet where you live? i imagined so since no neighbors next door. before I moved home peope would drive down the alley at night w/ stereo blaring and my nextdoor neighbors in the duplex would often be loud. Its very nice and quiet here. Except for the occasional TV turned up by my roommate. Well, weve had cooler temps and alot of rain. Two more days tops then on to summer. Ive loved the weather weve had and dont enjoy the hot warm summers. But there is no choice. But the wildflower seedlings have really grown. Going to let the yard dry out then have it mowed and plant grass seed. i didnt do it right first time but a bunch of it grew, so it will work. Lilacs sound good. bet the bees love em. Mother nature is kind to you. We have bird feeders so they occasionally poop seed that turns into a good plant. me, I just buy seed packets and pant em lol. My bro acts like I should sacrifice my entire life for him and dad...no. Dad i know would make me his enabler and possess me...no. I look at all the time ive wasted and at how hard it is to change now and i wont waste my time. I will do everything I can for dad but I have my own Life to live for. And thats my choices etc. The attached little pic is one of my scapes made in my old software. It works again. Take good care of yourself and of kodie, hoe you find some time to relax.
  8. https://sweetyards.com/collections/flower-seeds/products/deer-resistant-wildflower-seed-mix deer resistant flowers, saw this and thought of your yard. I have the Tx/Oklahoma wildflower mix by them and its coming up great. From what I can gather Our lawn has a fungus that kills the roots from the bottom up. that was all the dead I raked up. I need to spread a fungicide and then water and then I can rake the grass seed in and cover with a lil dirt etc etc etc I guess your family is like my brother, they dont understand. I think often unless you deal with it you just think theyre like you remember them. I told my bro how dads thyroid med is helping a bit so he thinks dad is cured. for someone so intelligent hes pretty dumb. I guess Ebay has gone downhill. Considered offering some of Moms glassware etc but wasnt sure, dont think ill bother. dad kinda liked the idea because he wouldnt need to do anything. Im hesitant at this point to do anything else since im not being paid and my study time is very short. I dont get why companies cant offer good service with work at home. theyre on a PC, hooked to the network.... The Trust here would probably run a thousand bucks. dad is constantly coming up with expensive things he has to do. Now is his skin. he was checked less than 6 months ago and he has no cancer or dsngerous growths. But he wants them all removed, none will be covered by medicare. Anyway, I need to go over the Trust documents I have a understand or find new ones and fill out. Dad has no ID but in TX if someone with ID vouches for him (me) then thats sufficient. But can I find a Notary who understands that. I read of kids and relatives messing with elderly, very sad. yes I will welcome anything from the estate to help me survive but the ONLY important thing is to handle it honestly and fairly. people today must be crooked because they assume everyone is crooked. For people to look at me as though I have anything but honorable intentions greatly offends me. Such is this world. Horses are so nice. havent been around any for a long time, very intelligent. And a very long and noble history. used to have a miniature when we were in Chicago suburbs, used to kick our dog cause he would snap at his heels that was one dumb dog lol. We got so much rain and its supposed to be a good chance of it all next week. that evening air when it 2am and rain is just special. like it frees the mind and spirit. Grats on your BP, thats awesome. Do you take any meds? dad is on one and it keeps him in that range. taking walks helps too, good news for kodie. Well, going to go prep the meatloaf. dad wont like it, he doesnt like anything. But I will. Take good care of yourself, and Kodie.
  9. Hope Peggy is ok. Sounds like she's not aware of the situations. Sounds like the family is taking advantage, sounds like me. My condolences. hopefully one of em will realise and step up to help. But what can you do. It sounds as if, and crazy as this sounds, someone will eventually need to make some decisions for what is best for all concerned. And those who are not willing to help can keep it zipped. Always plenty of people with opinions and no action. She sounds like shes on the edge of being lost taking care of Life. So glad dad actually realised he needs help and lets me.he would be so out of luck if he didnt. Sounds like youve organised your shoes, good idea. Dads ID...well ive been digging into notarization. was told by one in another part of Tx that a Notary can notarize a signature when the signor doesnt have ID by there being 1 or 2 people with ID testifying to that persons identity. So when I have time will call some notaries in the area. Ive had enough of the bank ones who dont know how to do their job. I also found out that in TX they arent trained. they fill out a form and pay and fee and theyre a notary. Its up to them to learn the job. They do have a hotline to call but from the one experience they have no clue. There was a comment by dads doctor, she thought he probably got pneumonia by getting food in his upper resp tract. he always says his choking at meals is his drainage. Its him eating too much too fast and not sipping water and not getting the bite down before eating more. he knows better. I can say something all I want but he tells me its just drainage. I can tell him thats what caused his pneumonia and will put him tghere again and he will tell me its drainage. he is a mess. the strength after his recovery is fading a bit. he is pulling into himself. Dinner he bends his head down close to his plate and wont speak. He touches food very carefully...oddly...as if it might jump at him. I hope this isnt a next phase. One thing that strikes me is that I play a fools game and will suffer for it. My dad wont get better, he will get worse until he finally passes. The prospect is more trips to the hospital and more issues. His pride will prevent him from saying anything about what he feels and he will keep denying any problems, thus he wont get help. Kodie is such a good boy. Hopefully he is learning. If hes smart he will run out whenever he can just to run back in and get a bellyrub and treat. Our doctor used to talk to Mom alot about her weight. She would get upset if it was much over 100. I dont have a problem with dad tho, I think hes gaining a bit. He eats well and insists on eating alot of food. Considering he just sits all day .....he will never do any exercise. he claims he does something on the edge of his bed when he first wakes up but never seen it and he needs to do more and different. But all he wants to do is sit. backyard is in fact very bare. Im raking out the thatch and leaf mulch under the grass. hard work at 63 lol. Going to expose all the dirt I can, rake, drop seed, step on it, cover and water every day for 3 weeks and pray. Going to go change out the washer, today is laundry day, run for meds, get dad a tv show so hes not just a lump, and maybe study a minute lol. Life seems to be taking so much more time now. I hope in all this mess you have time to sit and ponder the beauty of whats around you, to breath and exhale. Read once that the pauses between the notes was the most important in life. take good care of yourself.
  10. Mom was tiny, hovered around 100lbs. At one point she started haviing real trouble finding clotehs and shoes. She even started shopping in the girls and boys depts, but she managed. Looks like we need an ID for dad. need to get a Trust and notarised and for that he needs an ID as his license is expired. He says he has his birth cert but I have no idea. If we cant find it he will say I lost it. If anything isnt as he remembers it then its my fault. So getting that and getting his ID will be a hoot. Storms sounds good, rain is always good, nice clean smell to the air. the environment is just so much nicer. Weve had alot of rain this past week but now its over, trying to get some seed going in the backyard as the grass is dieing. You folks must get alot of rain? That would make a good garden. If not for the deer. Hope your sis has fun. I worry about my dad on the few occasions he goes out. I dont think his friends understand how he is. The pneumonia is gone but he still coughs up. he doesnt get that theres fluid in there still. I think he'll be ok tho. people who have never been through dementia caring dont get it. It isnt fun or easy. When it gets bad there is no rest and people need rest. I am very lucky my Dad isnt worse. I pray he never gets that bad. And as odd as it sounds I pray I am gone before I get dementia. there will be no help. Wildflowers coming up fine, cordoned off some more beds and planted more so will see. dad being very negative, as he is about everything. he tells me my young tree is a weed. My weed is over 3 feet tall, hardwood, has branches and looks good. My brother is a trip. narcissist and thinks he knows everything and doesnt believe a word i say, so generally I talk as little as possible. The big thing for me is that he never calls dad, never asks me about him. Ive told him how dad is and hes always surprised, never asks what dementia or parkinsons etc are and has never spent one minute looking it up. he may care but not very much. he makes extremely good money which I guess is why he has all the guitars he doesnt have time to play. he has tremors starting and will become like dad eventually. I dont wish that on anyone. he doesnt want to hear suggestions on them so I dont try and help. Goodness, you need a few shoe racks. Abundance of shoes falls under 'ladies pejorative'...good idea getting em all tho. Wish i'd done same on a few things. Stay warm, rub kodies belly for me. Such a good pup. Take good care.
  11. Dementia is indeed a cruel thing. But we just have to do the best we can to help. Ive read their minds try and fill in the gaps as best they can. That must be difficult at times. And yes scary as well. Losing oneself would be scary. Too much i think I have to make people happy, disarm them I guess. i need to stop caring. Sounds like a good lunch with family. nice that they are somewhat close. Always a good time. Kodie probably thought it was his birthday or something. In dog heaven lol. Really good company. I cleaned the fireplace after burning newspaper and what a mess. Imagine long ago with a fireplace that got used almost every day. We've been getting lots of rain. the wildflower seed I planted is coming up. maybe a half inch or so now. Im excited to see whats going to make it. You folks are hot. We just now made it to 80 today. Hope you dont have another dry summer. theyre already forecasting fires in Cali. I looked briefly at getting paid and I think I can but need to know more. No idea though if I need some training. Its hard to believe my dad had pneumonia and was in hospital. In ways hes stronger. I think the thyroid med they gave him is helping. he does get tired easy and has to rest and end of the day he gets tired. But today he said he walked from his bed into the bathroom without his walker. but that tired him out. But its still up and down he may get a bit stronger but he still has diseases and he still doesnt exercise. Tomorrow is a doctors visit, I guess a followup to his hospital stay. talked to my brother, decadent guy. he bought another guitar. No, he doesnt play he just collects them i have no clue. take good care of yourself. i think you deserve a day off.
  12. I would not understand your sister if I hadnt seen the light on my dad. mybe she catches herself and backpeddles. My dad just blusters taht hes dad so he can do/say whatever. Really odd. i agree with you, she seems a bit off. your other sister I hope takes you serious at least. i thought I would be having to help dad but nope. So far hes getting around today on his walker on his own. back to his bathroom, up and down from commode, Up from bed. he gets winded pretty easy and he took a long nap this afternoon. We talked about how he will have to take it easy because it will take a long time but hes doing great. However, he has lost some cognition. Hoping that improves as he feels stronger. he forgot where his used diapers go, so he left em on the carpet by his bed lol. I was thinking that wasnt good. he is very happy to be home. I think most of the time at the hospital he didnt know where he was. i never considered that, he forgot where he was and why. The nurses would come in and he didnt understand. Theyd wake him up ay 6am for meds and it was a dream to him and he didnt understand where the pills were from. thats why i try not to wake him up. yep, I have almost no use for my brother, never called dad once. never tried to understand dads parkinsons, dementia, alzheimers ...anything. i tell him some times and he says "Oh, really?" he doesnt have to deal with it so he doesnt care. he will probably go on about where dad caught it and tell me I cant leave the house and have to wear a mask in the house...he will be reminded he doesnt own me and needs to be respectful or we dont need to see each other. I think im changing these days. I dont really feel i have to be nice to everyone. So much of our society is big business. it shifts emphasis away from people and to stats. Ive seen it in my last job. Hit the metrics no matter what. What saves them is in getting fine people. thats where you have the ability to make an impact. Some people are good at hitting numbers, but stink at doing the job as it should be done. His PT when she came in did everything she could to brighten his day and make him comfortable. Its things like that, which dont show on paper. And thank you for your prayers as well. I have read and I think that there are things we can do to lessen the impact of aging diseases. But I wonder how early things start and if by us not starting early enough we will have some effects. I dont want to live through what my Dad is. I would be at a state home at best. No thanks. You seem in a good place. just stay active mentally and physically and keep your joy. It helps to have kodie too. hope your pup is doing well. I didnt get anything done this week, shouldnt have let life do that to me. Thats my anxiety. The rest of this weekend is introspection and plotting getting back to work. And the wildflowers are pushing up, will post pics when they bloom. Take care Edit...my brother was like a brother when we talked tonight.
  13. Got him home today, he was waiting in his nhat and jacket glaring lol. He seems ok just weak still. his cognition is also worse at this time. he went maybe ten feet on his walker then i had to use the wheelchair. His cognitive issues also means he is bad at problem solving. so the moving from walker or chair he does in bad ways. I could see where if he were on his own he would try and fail until he fell from exhaustion. Earlier he couldnt get up off the toilet. I just hope I can get him to bed. Cant tell by watching while I help but sometimes i think he doesnt try. today he isnt understanding what im telling him, the concepts. Hope hes better once he gets rested. they gave him a thyroid med. Brother will probably shame me for giving dad pneumonia, after all im sinning by leaving the house so it must have been me. Or maybe his friends he went to fly with or the restaurant. Sadly he probably needs his pneumonia shot. Yes, your sister isnt thinking right. She isnt making sense. Either messed up thinking or making excuses for not doing it. Wish I had some words of wisdom for ya, like how to convince and trick. But cant ever make that work. She thinks you're not a ride? So frustrating. I offer to drive my dad to his club and I used to offer a ride to the VA and he just ignored it and keep saying how he had no ride. maybe they like that idea of being a victim or such. They get sooo stubborn and its like thats their reality and we're not allowed in. I just dont get the healthcare, I dont. Sometimes I think theyre more concerned for rules than helping people. they have to be flexible and create options. This is stuff they dont teach. An extended family has to have a family plan inc the estate plan and the poa and whatever else they need. I never knew anything about it. At times this place is wonderful, sometimes frustrating. One day dad had 3 bouts of diahrrea and they didnt give him anything for it, not when he asked nor when I asked. But his doctor did call me twice with updates. Will hope i dont have to take dad there again. he needs to do some exercise and get his strength back. and his cognition. Two days of alot of rain. havent gotten anything done this week. Chaircushion part 15 been through many. none work after a few weeks. Either too thick or too thin, the spokes hurt or he cant sit up straight or it makes him sit too straight. Its just not ever right. There is no 'right'. There is no sanity to it.Ordered a gel honeycomb, under 2 inches thick. he will like it for awhile and then it wont work, he is tbh insane. Im sorry about Donna. Some or maybe alot of things in this world make no sense. theyre wrong. Im afraid it just gets worse. One thing they said about dad was he was asymptomatic, his white blood cells didnt indicate pneumonia. i tbh dont think I gave it to him. principally becaise I am very suspectible to resp infections and im fine. But, I will be scrubbing my hands anytime I come home from the outside world. Bro will preach dont leave the house. he never called dad once. he said they would talk to him when he got home. I was sending emails so he could at least know and he never answered. Honestly, I dont think he cares. Ill start studying again tomorrow. Probably time to re evaluate life etc. take good care of yourself, saying a prayer for your sister.
  14. Im in shock...his doctor called me this morning. The Mri will be later today. they want to make sure he didnt have a stroke. Since he had one three years ago. She said the pneumonia was almost gone but they wondered because it was asymptomatic, the white blood cell counts were ok. Dad never tells anyone anything. he aparently had had several of the small pre-stroke episodes and didnt even tell Mom. he went in to get checked out, they ran all the tests and found nothing. Before his stroke he started having trouble with his legs. he thinks he may have fallen outside and hurt something but he didnt remember. That seemed to be the beginning. Then he had bronchitis and the stroke. The day we put him in the hospital he was fine. Then as they drugged him up he went downhill rather quickly. Kinda seems like a connection between respiratory distress and stroke-like issues. They want him there today and probably tomorrow and then if nothing comes up and hes still walking he will come home. But we're playing it day by day. very nice doctor.
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