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  1. https://sweetyards.com/collections/flower-seeds/products/deer-resistant-wildflower-seed-mix deer resistant flowers, saw this and thought of your yard. I have the Tx/Oklahoma wildflower mix by them and its coming up great. From what I can gather Our lawn has a fungus that kills the roots from the bottom up. that was all the dead I raked up. I need to spread a fungicide and then water and then I can rake the grass seed in and cover with a lil dirt etc etc etc I guess your family is like my brother, they dont understand. I think often unless you deal with it you just think theyre like y
  2. Hope Peggy is ok. Sounds like she's not aware of the situations. Sounds like the family is taking advantage, sounds like me. My condolences. hopefully one of em will realise and step up to help. But what can you do. It sounds as if, and crazy as this sounds, someone will eventually need to make some decisions for what is best for all concerned. And those who are not willing to help can keep it zipped. Always plenty of people with opinions and no action. She sounds like shes on the edge of being lost taking care of Life. So glad dad actually realised he needs help and lets me.he would be so out
  3. Mom was tiny, hovered around 100lbs. At one point she started haviing real trouble finding clotehs and shoes. She even started shopping in the girls and boys depts, but she managed. Looks like we need an ID for dad. need to get a Trust and notarised and for that he needs an ID as his license is expired. He says he has his birth cert but I have no idea. If we cant find it he will say I lost it. If anything isnt as he remembers it then its my fault. So getting that and getting his ID will be a hoot. Storms sounds good, rain is always good, nice clean smell to the air. the environment
  4. Dementia is indeed a cruel thing. But we just have to do the best we can to help. Ive read their minds try and fill in the gaps as best they can. That must be difficult at times. And yes scary as well. Losing oneself would be scary. Too much i think I have to make people happy, disarm them I guess. i need to stop caring. Sounds like a good lunch with family. nice that they are somewhat close. Always a good time. Kodie probably thought it was his birthday or something. In dog heaven lol. Really good company. I cleaned the fireplace after burning newspaper and what a mess. Imagi
  5. I would not understand your sister if I hadnt seen the light on my dad. mybe she catches herself and backpeddles. My dad just blusters taht hes dad so he can do/say whatever. Really odd. i agree with you, she seems a bit off. your other sister I hope takes you serious at least. i thought I would be having to help dad but nope. So far hes getting around today on his walker on his own. back to his bathroom, up and down from commode, Up from bed. he gets winded pretty easy and he took a long nap this afternoon. We talked about how he will have to take it easy because it will take a long tim
  6. Got him home today, he was waiting in his nhat and jacket glaring lol. He seems ok just weak still. his cognition is also worse at this time. he went maybe ten feet on his walker then i had to use the wheelchair. His cognitive issues also means he is bad at problem solving. so the moving from walker or chair he does in bad ways. I could see where if he were on his own he would try and fail until he fell from exhaustion. Earlier he couldnt get up off the toilet. I just hope I can get him to bed. Cant tell by watching while I help but sometimes i think he doesnt try. today he isnt understanding
  7. Im in shock...his doctor called me this morning. The Mri will be later today. they want to make sure he didnt have a stroke. Since he had one three years ago. She said the pneumonia was almost gone but they wondered because it was asymptomatic, the white blood cell counts were ok. Dad never tells anyone anything. he aparently had had several of the small pre-stroke episodes and didnt even tell Mom. he went in to get checked out, they ran all the tests and found nothing. Before his stroke he started having trouble with his legs. he thinks he may have fallen outside and hurt something but he did
  8. It just keeps getting crazier. A guy calls me saying from MRI at hospital. Didnt know dads name and gave wrong room number. I verified with an admin and was legit but no one can tell me why he needs an mri for pneumonia. first theory was for his tremors. hes had PCP and Neurologist say thats his Parkinsons. they didnt even talk to dad because he isnt capable, so why didnt they call me. We refused. then nurse says its for his weak legs cause he fell. I keep telling them he didnt fall. i was trying to transfer him from toilet t chair and had to set him on the floor, did so carefully. So they thi
  9. I hope and pray your sister will come along. I think sometimes we have to do what is right and not what they want. She is blessed to have you. My dad thought he could use a cane at one time and I got him a quad cane. But he moved past that to a walker. talked to my brother, who hadnt read his email. he said 'Thank you for the novel', he doesnt care. dad asked me specifically to call him which I did. bro is the first born and is loved, appreciated, and valued. yet he seems to not care about dad. My value to bro is that im here doing a duty he doesnt want to do. I think he would have just p
  10. Good news. Initially they wouldnt let me in and he was restricted, probably waiting for the results of the covid test. He has Pneumonia. his fever is now gone, his eyes are clearer and his brain is as clear as it gets. he said he walked down the hall on a walker so i know he can use one. I watched his PT test him and I think with a bit of rest he will be back to normal. No talk of a nursing home today...just whether he does PT at home or in a facility. If he can get around, even if I have to spot him, I want him to be at home. he is very much enjoying the company and attention. maybe he w
  11. Thats all I can figure is was searching under the bed. there have never been blankets or pillows under the bed. What i had read and why we did the Ladybird Deed is that it protects the house from Medicaid so it will pass to the child. However, I dont know what would hold in the case of dad selling the house. That would add to his wealth and may incur a medicaid time penalty. I would need to consult an estate atty. I will start sorting my things, toss most and start boxing the rest up. Start working on my resume. I do have an excellent letter of recommendation from my last landord in
  12. I sat on the patio a bit and listened to the rain, its cool and fresh outside and thats always a gift here. we dont get much rain. I forgot you get deer, i guess they get hungry just like everyone else. better than bears I guess. Stay warm, sounds like winter and that needs to be over. Grandkids are fun. I bet they give you lots of energy you never knew you had. I bet they love kodie and vice versa. Thats one very friendly pup I bet. i remember my dads folks well in Ohio. old small town. old house. pretty town. We would come up and all the family gets together. Sorr
  13. I guess all you can do at this point is hang in there and hope the body heals, or find a new doctor again. Poor kodie, id say he needs a stepladder but oh well. Great that you get to see family. Blissfully missed the call with my brother last week but we will do that tomorrow. Just so oppressive. Dad has been up and down. last night it took an hour getting him to bed as he could barely use his walker. In general he could do a few small things differently and have it easier but nope. he either knows better or has been doing it that way for years. So funny, I offer a solution or even say t
  14. Hope youre feeling better. Hows the mouth? You've had your fair share and then some. life needs to be giving you a bit of a rest. Poor kodie. pets dont know why their friend is gone. but will be really happy when they're reunited. Sounds like some unseasonably warm weather, here as well. We will get some 80s next week I think. Love the 60s and 70s the most. Not supposed to but I sneak the window open at night. Just feels so good. Im wishing for some more rain in the hopes the grass will grow. Its maybe half so far. Will need to patch it. Was curious if you plant any flowers or any
  15. Glad kodie is ok. Goes to show you never know whats coming in Life. How is your hand and all the aches and pains? You folks still getting cold weather and snow? We are in Spring with 70-80 alot of days. had hard rain a couple nights ago. Curious to see if the grass grows. dad hadnt dont anything for a couple years and finally last summer i started cleaning up the yard but the grass was browning out. last week dad wanted to have the whole thing re-sodded, I suggested he wait and see how the grass comes back. It doesnt look good though. He bought a new bed mattress. Hopefully we avoid new g
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