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  1. Kodie is beautiful. Who couldn't love that face. He looks so innocent. Sounds like he's perfect for the weather. Maybe a nice Santa hat :). Praying the hand gets better, hang in there and rest. Not easy to do this time of year. Just doesnt seem like Christmas. I need to bring out what decor is left and decorate. We used to have a TON but so little left. Guess Dad trhew it out or maybe it's hidden in the attic. I'm tempted to get a small real tree. That small fake one is just aweful. Way I see it I navigate a thin line with my Dad. Can't get pulled in by his dementia and narcissism but I
  2. Lol love minions. Thats cute. hope you had a good turkey day. really good your Mom settled in that way. I've read about so many problems. I know when my Mom had any changes from her routine she got very upset. I tried Curry Chicken by recipe the other night and it wasn't good. My dad wanted Buckwheat Pancakes for breakfast so i ordered a mix on Amazon. he said they weren't real Buckwheat cakes. Nothing is ever 'real' because it cant live up to his memory of what it was like. I did buy some spices so will keep trying new dishes. dads the guinea pig i guess. Tonight I made chicken and rice
  3. Tachi

    To Marty

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for having this forum and for all the help you've given myself and many others. I'm sure you keep very busy. Yet I hope you have some times to rest and reflect and be joyful. Take good care
  4. Thankful your hand is better. Just take it easy. Kodie probably senses your discomfort and is being an angel. You may have to do things a little different but whatever works. Why does it seem that problems come in bunches? This old man here has decided how to cook again. Our spices are left over from Mom's cooking which makes them a few years old. I ordered a basic set and will start looking up recipes. My cooking has always just been what I like. The goal is something tender and yummy but no long prep time. yet I want to make new things and learn to use more spices prope
  5. Im so sorry youre in such pain. please dont reply if typing hurts you. Prayers coming that they will be able to alleviate your pain and discomfort. hang in there. I will tell you one story. My dad worked for american airlines for over 50 years. first as a pilot and then as their first flight instructor at the new then academy here in Texas. hes been in aviation since he was a young man working as a lineboy at a rural airfield in Ohio. he used to be part of a small club of flyers who met once a week to fly model planes and then have lunch and shoot the bull. But they havent been able to do
  6. We used to have a neighbor by the old house who worked for bell helicopter, many years ago. he restored classic cars. Once a week he drove his model A, 57 vette and 69 Mustang and wiped em down and parked em in his garage again. Always a pleasure to see that. I do prefer the older car styles, more character and sexier. After your surgery and you cab type let us know how you're doing. Will say a pryer for good outcome. really neat how people are helping you. Says theres some good people left in this world. Funny how the good ones I meet arent the well to do folks from a city but regular
  7. maybe instead of a tree you could decorate the mantle and such. Keep it up out of his reach. Or a small one on the table. I cleaned out Mom's old room and grouped all the Christmas together. Dad doesnt care much for holidays anymore. But at the least i'll decorate my room. We had nice holidays growing up. I've never had a holiday life at all. No parties or anything like that. I dont want glitter and glam and being out of work no expenses. Always been more for the snowfall at night in a deep forest. And the truer message of Jesus and peace. Something we may not see again except in our hearts.
  8. Thanks for the poem, I like it. True too. Praying for your pain. Docs need to get going. You need some peace. And end of pain. Any word from them, can they do anything at all? You'll need one of the kids to get you a tree for Christmas and set it up. Do you get a real tree or just decorate the house? Dad hasn't wanted to decorate much since Mom passed. It's just not at all festive here. But will put some things up. I forget that as pretty as it is snow can be a problem too. Guess i'm lucky that i'll be inside. I guess the good news is that I passed my exam with 85%. Such a relief. Honest
  9. Gee wiz, finally found out what my brothers new job is. All this time he has been working in the upper stratospheres of programming and IT. And he never told me. His new job is from home and he works for the company that created and runs the Lojack product. they make products that let a company track their employees driving etc and compile it in a readable report format. I dont need nor want him to try and direct my life, kind of what he does now on occasion. but he could have been telling me about what he does and how to get started so i could consider it. That also tells me he doesnt care he
  10. Oh, I thought someone hit your car, sorry. One I will sleep properly, maybe. Glad the fires are better. seems hard to get under control. Good thing is that nature will reclaim in time. My brother and I only talk when he and dad talk. he never says anything about his life yet wants me to talk about mine. And I know he doesnt care. He thinks he's being a good brother and he thinks he's looking out for me because I cant so he tells me what to study. Im sure he cant understand why im not listening. He cares only for himself so im not fooled. I'll stay in touch until I settle my dad's es
  11. Hope youve been able to get some rest and the pain is subsiding some. How are you feeling? That sounds like a rough day. Good that you have Kodie for company. Is the car ok? Things like that make me want to just stay home. I think i've only filled up the car 3 times since this pandemic thing started. Tbh, I dont know if ive maintained my sanity or not. I think I am depressed most if not all of the time. And I know to an extent he cant help it but this is all just very depressing. I'm not a caretaker who goes home to a life. This is my life. It would help if I pass the exam but I have alot
  12. Going shopping tomorrow and getting some Truenature probiotics. Going to stock up just in case the election leads to more riots and disrupts the supplychain. Exam on Friday and dont feel ready but I guess i'm pretty burned out on studying. I just don't remember well these days. If I pass will take two weeks off and do somethings around the house and dive deep into artwork. Attached is my last one, nightscene. I have been enjoying getting out in the yard some days and trying to make it better. My Dad is fine as long as i'm home to cook his meals and help him to bed. he seems to have
  13. Take good care of yourself. Does no good to run yourself into a cold or flu. Life does seem to have a way of pushing us at times. Definitely have noticed how much ive slowed. Hope Peggy is hanging in there. Dad keeps having things that need taking care of, some legit and some just strange. His old glasses stopped working. they started giving him blurred and double vision. Then he put his new ones on and its fine. What I try and do is fix dads brunch and go read email and whatnot til noon, have my lunch and chat w/ dad a bit. Study til time to fix dinner and run errands as needed. H
  14. Take good care of yourself. My heart goes out to her also. And my thoughts and prayers. There has been what seems more than the usual pain and tragedy lately. When I lost Mom it wasnt like anyone else. I was just totally numb for awhile. Yesterday dad was talking about how hard it is to stand up from the chair. So i preached doing his PT. Today hes walking without his walker. I have no idea what to think. Finally taking exam in two weeks. Since I announced that dad suddenly feels the urge to resolve all his problems lol. I dont feel ready tbh and I expect a bad outcome but have to
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