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  1. 16 years you were my best-friend, my pillow, my tissue, my therapist, my cute faced little girl. Your fur so soft. Your paw against my face. My companion that slept on her pillow at my head every night. Who woke me up everyday at 5am. I decided yesterday that I was going to take on your pain so you didn't have to feel it anymore. I watched your last breath and paw knead at 237....I had them take you away because as I gasped for breath, I realized that you weren't coming home.....I didn't sleep last night without you there. No tail thumping against my head. No midnight meow. Or little chirp you'd make when you jumped on the bed. I'm staring at your spot on the couch, your imprint still there. Your fur is all around me. The left over catnip on the floor....your last meal. I hear you snoring. I took a double take as I mistook the vacuum for you sitting on the floor. No bowl for food. No glass of water on the table. Vacant spot where your litter box used to be. You saw every delicate detail of my vulnerabilities and your loyalty never wavered. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. It's been over 26 hours since I kissed your head as you laid it on my arm....
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