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    marlton NJ
  1. thank you for your kind words kayc. my heart goes out to you and I am very sorry for your many losses as well. We gotta stay strong right. (easier said than done at times)
  2. its been almost two months and I feel this huge emptiness especially in my heart. My dad was the best around, one of a kind...such a kind soul. I will never understand what the reason was or why he was taken from us so early …..it just doesn't make any sense . My family is forever changed and we all miss him and are hurting so bad inside. I just want my dad back...I really could just scream
  3. I suddently lost my dad the end of july and I am having a very hard time dealing with it...….. I still cant believe he is not here with us all. He loved his family and especially his grandkids so much. its heartbreaking....my mother is a wreck too. What an awful thing to happen...…
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