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  1. Hi there - yes, we are partnered with the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah! Thank you for the kind words.
  2. Hey Everyone! Today is a special day for the team at Affinity Project. We’re saying “goodbye” to our beloved Pegi for the final time in a special memorial honoring his life at Angels Rest Pet Memorial Cemetery. A wind chime will be placed in the cemetery in Pegi’s honor – with the inscription “In loving memory of Pegi – a true and loyal friend.” While we mourn the passing of our beloved Pegi, we’re also thinking of anyone who has ever lost a pet. We extend our deepest sympathies to all who have shared in that pain. We created Affinity Project with the hope of helping other animals in need. Our game Don-Ay: Pet Rescue seeks to get pets out of shelters and into loving homes. A large percentage of the proceeds from the game will go directly to non-profit organizations helping animals in need. We hope to carry on Pegi’s legacy in our work and bid him farewell as he makes his way across the rainbow bridge.
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