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  1. My husband Tony, passed away on May 21, 2019. I am feeling really badly this week. I mean really awful, my body hurts, and I can't stop crying.....
  2. Thank you MartyT. I appreciate you pointing that out, (as I do not have a medical degree). I will discuss my issues with guilt further with my grief counselor.
  3. My husband passed away from complications of pneumonia and asthma on 05/21/2019. We went to the emergency room 11 days prior to his passing, due to breathing issues. Within 2 hours of us getting to the hospital, they had to put him on a breathing tube, due to fluid filling up in his lungs from pneumonia. The complication that developed after 11 days, was a blood clot that was detected in his lungs and eventually went to his heart. 3 days before we went to the emergency room, we did go to urgent care, and the doctor at urgent care put him on meds for a "cold" and gave him a breathing treatment. I feel guilty that I didn't know how sick he was. He was very fatigued, for a few days, and I wish I would have known that this was a sign that he had pneumonia, even though he was getting mad at me for getting on him to get more sleep. (He had sleep apnea, too, so I just thought that he was having a a bit of a sleep issue for a few days, even though he used a cpap machine). I don't know, I have been reading about pneumonia, and how "sneaky" it can be, but it is still so hard to deal with losing my sweet husband. We were only married for 6 months...together for 5 years. Anyway, I am having trouble with the guilt.
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